In Honor Of The Oscars: Casting

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Any hint of a comic book movie coming out provokes a flurry of posts on all the message boards suggesting actors to fill the role of superheroes.  It’s a fun and frustrating experience, squeezing real-life people into comic book personas.  There are always a few surprises.  (I, after considering the matter, think that someone should cast George Clooney as Batman one more time, but not yet.  Wait ten-ish years and then make him play Batman in Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  Not only do I think it would work but it would make for a fantastic piece of meta; his work in Batman And Robin approximating the Batman comics of the sixties while he plays a more modern, dark Batman in DKR.)

Keeping in mind that the movies are probably never going to be made, I’m going to give my picks for Wonder Woman and Green Arrow.  Or,  ahem.  Excuse me.  Supermax

A few short years ago, my pick for Wonder Woman would have been Sigourney Weaver, because she’s beautiful, has an eery calm, and has the one quality that Wonder Woman absolutely needs to posses:  the ability to make you believe that she could kick your ass, but good.  Now I think she’s in Hippolyta territory, but I still would be secretly thrilled if she landed the role.

Other than Sigourney, my two top choices now would be:


Beyonce is at the top of the list, but there would be some problems.  She’s gotten so big that she’s practically a brand name now, and a good reason for casting newbies as superheroes is making sure the actor doesn’t overshadow the character.  But hey, if she can work as Etta James, she can work as Wonder Woman.

My other option:


Kate Winslet.  That dress practically has a cape attached to it already, and she makes it work.  Plus, she also has that  Weaver quality of making you believe that if she punched you, it would hurt like hell.

Ollie’s a tougher call, but I’ve narrowed it down to two.


Alan Tudyk, also known as Wash in Serenity.  It’s not as much of a stretch as it seems.  Wash is a big dork.  Ollie’s a big dork, too, only he doesn’t seem to know it.  All we have to do is remove the self-awareness and add a goatee.

The other pick:


Possibly I’ve been watching too much Firefly.  Or possibly Joss Whedon reads Green Arrow.  Either way, Nathan Fillion, especially in that pose, is Ollie all over.  As an actor, he also supplies a fringe benefit.  He’s the kind of guy that started looking forty at twenty and will keep looking forty until sixty.  That’s almost as ageless as Ollie, and is perfect for sequels.

So.  Casting choices?  For DC?  For Marvel?  Got anyone picked to play the Midnighter?

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16 comments to “In Honor Of The Oscars: Casting”

  1. Midnighter? Well, considering how they first depicted him in The Authority, I’d have to say, “Tudyk.” He really looked like a blonde dork.

    I’ve never found Weaver very attractive. I’d have chosen Lucy Lawless until so many years, ago. Winslet doesn’t look intimidating to me, at all, but I don’t have a candidate of my own, either.

    Superman? Not Brandon Routh.

    Batman? Not Christian Bale.

    Hm. I guess it’s easier, sometimes, to say how wrong something is than to say what’s right.

  2. I would cast Kiera Knightley as Power Girl. Would that be unpopular? If so, could I frame my opponents’ arguments in a way that makes them seem like boob-obsessed weirdos?

    Wesley Dodds: Topher Grace, though I think I heard he’s kind of a dick.

    Resurrection Man: That guy from Lost. Desmond or Sawyer, now that I think about it.

    Empowered: I’d pick Anna Faris, but she’s too dainty and petite for Emp, which is a role where body image actually matters. So just insert the hot Hollywood It-Girl of your choice, you boob-obsessed weirdos.

  3. Midnighter – Jim Caveizel
    Apollo – Kevin Sorbo? There aren’t enough blonde actors who are large enough. Oh wait, Matthew McConaughey! (Or that guy who played Dick on Veronica Mars)
    The Street – Mads Mikkelsen
    Jenny Spark – Kate Blanchett

    Nightwing – Jake Gyllenhall… Ben Barnes (not built enough)
    Jason Todd – Jared Padalecki?
    Tim Drake – Ben Barnes (note how all the batboys are virtually interchangable)

  4. I agree that Nathan Fillion would make a great Green Arrow. I would cast Alan Tudyk as the Flash (he could play either Wally or Barry equally well).

    Also Clooney would make an awesome Superman if they ever cast a Kingdom Come movie.

  5. I firmly believe that Alan Tudyk was born to play Hank Pym.

    Also, casting for Nextwave here


  6. I’ve always seen Alan Tudyk as more of a Booster Gold, but I could see him as Green Arrow as well.

    John Stewart the Green Lantern should be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, in my book. Of course, I’d be happy to see him play any superhero after watching Serenity and Inside Man.

  7. I love how we’ve decided that Alan Tudyk can play virtually any blond DC character.

    @ACK: I’m with you on the Gyllenhaal, but Jason Todd should be shorter, darker, and burlier than Jared Padalecki.

  8. @Stark: Oooooooh. Clooney as Superman in Kingdom Come – inspired.

  9. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Pacey! (The guy on Fringe, he can be Jason. Except he’s way too old somehow).

    I really dig the guy who is playing Ollie on Smallville. Not sure if he’s up to movies, but I’d give him a go.

  10. @HitTheTargets: I would think Scarlett Johanson could play Emp.

    And the Knightley thing – heh.

    @ACK: Not Pacey. Meaner.

    And I object to any Ollie who looks like someone I could have babysat in high school. I would spend the entire movie worrying about how if he injured himself my fridge rights would be revoked.

  11. The problem isn’t just Knightley’s boobs. It’s her bones.

    Too little of one and too much of the other.

  12. Anna Faris isn’t suitable for Emp…but how about Ninjette?
    Hal Jordan- Jared Padalecki
    Sinestro- Hugo Weaving (I also think he’s make a good Zod), or Javier Bardem ( http://www.elpais.com/recorte/20070307elpepucul_29/LCO340/Ies/Javier_Bardem_hoy_Madrid.jpg should get across why)
    Allan Scott- Everyone says Robert Redford, but I think the guy who plays Bill Buchanan on 24 would be good too
    Wildcat-Robert Forster
    Lady Shiva-Michelle Yeoh
    Any iteration of Robin- Not Shia Labeouf
    Catman- Thomas Jane
    Cassandra Cain- Nicharee Vismistananda ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Axf_EXzF_qM )

  13. Orion would pretty much have to be Ron Perlman. For starters, the JLU cartoon’s casting was always spot on. Second, say what you will about the story but he plays a great Hellboy. Third, war. War never changes. Lastly, it’s the only way people will root against Jean Reno in the Kanto fight.

    @West: I’ve got one more bone for her. I mean, uh, you have a fair point. How ’bout Gina “Crush/Sniper Natasha” Carano? (Also a good choice for Big Barda.)

  14. @Stu: anna faris as ninjette?
    arguably smartest character in the cast ninjette?
    …Japanese (by way of Jersey) ninjette?

    anyway i think that aaron eckhardt would make a good cap assuming he doesn’t get too old in time. Also Steve Buscemi would make a great post-Weapon X Deadpool. and also the almost-too-cliche-to-even-mention casting of summer glau as x23

  15. @OnimaruXLR: Ninjette’s caucasian though, and she’s got a lot of physical comedy to her, especially with the drunken antics.

  16. Also, I meant Jensen Ackles for Hal Jordan, not Jared Padalecki