Black History Month 2009 #0

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Last year, I did a series of posts during Black History Month, one post a day for the entire month of Feb. It brought in the hits, but didn’t necessarily generate a lot of off-site commentary, which is what I would’ve liked to have seen.

Regardless, it was a hard and enjoyable experience, and I’d like to do it again this year. I don’t want to repeat msyelf or step on my own toes, however, so I’m putting it to you– what do you want to see me talk about? Have book/creator/topic suggestions? Are there any dumb questions that need answering? Things that need to be talked about? Nothing’s too dumb or out there. Drop me a comment or throw me an email and let me know what you want to see. If you can link this around, that’d be great, too.

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7 comments to “Black History Month 2009 #0”

  1. You going to talk about the new Black Lightning Year One?

    I probably wouldn’t have given it a shot but…Cully Hammer

  2. reinterpret characters as african(-american).

  3. Maybe a post or two about re-imagining black characters of old for modern times. Kind of like how Papa Midnight and Luke Cage have been updated.

  4. Some thoughts on ‘Final Crisis: Submit’, perhaps?

  5. -Vixen: Return of the Lion

    -Lady Black Panther

    -Luke Cage’s role in the greater Marvel universe post-Dark Reign

    -Is Cyborg black enough?

  6. Something I wanted to talk about on my blog, but alas will be working when it happens, is the BET Black Panther Panel at New York ComicCon. I’m interested in seeing how they portray the character, and what steps they take not to make it a typical urban stereotype program. Do you live in/near NY?

  7. Yeah, I’ll be at NYCC. I’m flying in on 2/5, in fact.

    The BP toon is going to be based on the first six issues of Hudlin’s run on Panther, with JRjr-style art used for animation.