4l!tv 03: Continuity Patch Comix

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4l!tv 03: Continuity Patch Comix from david brothers on Vimeo.

Fresh out! 4l!tv 03: Continuity Patch Comix.

This week, I talk about why we don’t really need books like Green Lantern: Rebirth, One More Day, or Infinite Crisis. It comes complete with audio/visual aids.

Artist of the Week is Esso, out of Harlem. I dug through the 2dopeboyz archive and pulled out a few treats: Paper Planes remix, Hip-hop Will Never Die w/Nas, and Get Ya Beat Killed. Add in three mixtapes, ESSOcentric v1, ESSObama, and E3: E-Day and you’ve got over fifty new songs to bump.

I’m way too fond of Anti-Backpack, too. It’s self-conscious as all get out.

Anyway, I’m still working on the sound mix. I’ve heard that the backing music is a little too loud, so I’ll work that out. I’ve also been told that I should get a green screen so that I can report live from the Daily Planet, but one thing at a time, right? I’ll fix the sound first, then some bitrate issues, and then move on from there.

You can catch my page on Vimeo. I’ll look into other distribution methods later on.

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6 comments to “4l!tv 03: Continuity Patch Comix”

  1. Man, I like what you have to say and totally agree with it, but you don’t sound or look like you want to be videotaped saying it. I’m not sure what it is, if you’re not comfortable with the videoblogging thing yet, if you’ve been having a bad couple of weeks, or if you’re so depressed about the current state of comics that it’s coming through in the video, but you are down in a low-energy way and that makes 4l!tv not fun to watch. Drink some coffee, eat some St. John’s wort or raw guarana, snort some Pixie Sticks, tape some live wires to your feet/armpit/other ticklish spots, eat Jay Smooth’s brain to gain his powers, put some energy into it! Have fun, genuine, honest fun!

    On that note, I have virtually no advice on how to accomplish that besides practicing in front of a mirror. Good luck!

  2. I’m reminded a little bit of Iron Man’s Extremis. Aside from being completely badass and introducing Iron Man’s new powers, it moved Stark’s origin from Pacific Rim to Middle East, without talking about it too loudly. Also, Adi Granov and Warren Ellis are pretty much a dreamteam.

    And that Superman/Batman thing is going to be forgotten or explained away within the year, I bet.

  3. […] don’t even know, man. « 4l!tv 03: Continuity Patch Comix Who Cares About Comics, Anyway? August 5th, 2008 by david […]

  4. I agree with the core of your argument that writers should just focus on good stories, but I disagree with two items.

    First, you mentioned the two new Bond movies as examples of changing continuity without patching it. The Bond movies are an example of a soft reboot, similar to what the Superman Returns and The Incredible Hulk movies did. They don’t expressly contradict previous continuity and they allow a tonal shift in the series. In my eyes, Green Lantern: Rebirth, One More Day and the current Final Crisis are also examples of soft reboots, where there is a tonal shift in the continuity without contracting it. The difference between the movie examples and the comics examples is medium, where you don’t have time in a 2hr movie to explain the changes, in comics with hundreds of issues in an ongoing series, it isn’t unreasonable to spend 6 issues explaining the transition.

    Second, if the purpose is to make better stories, I argue that sometimes explaining these continuity changes in order to change the tone is a good thing to do in comics. Without Rebirth we wouldn’t have the amazing Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern which has used many of the elements of Rebirth in the Sinestro War and the current Secret Origin arcs. Brand New Day has been uneven but there is general agreement that stronger stories are now being told post marriage, not necessarily because of the marriage, but because of the tonalshift. If we were to no longer have these explanation/continuity patch stories, some potentially great stories are left on the table.

    Using the Bond example, what if a continuity patch movie was made explaining that James Bond is an assignment, where each iteration of Bond actors is a different person being assigned the Bond alias. How great would it be to see the assention of a rookie agent to the James Bond role, to see what has happened the retired Bond agents, to see what happens when one of them goes bad, what happens when a Bond is killed in the line of duty, who the original James Bond was, explain how an agent known to every intelligence agency in the world is capable of being public with his ‘real’ name. It may sound cloogy to some, but such a theory has been put forward by comics’ own Greg Rucka. Its the type that path that tells a great and interest story, while allowing the base concepts of the series to move forward.

  5. Whoa, hold on, now! Since when does hermanos wear a cap?! Who wrote this shit?

  6. Honestly, I don’t think the sound mix is so much the problem. Rather, I get the impression you’re relying on the camera’s microphone. I don’t recommend it. Having a separate microphone, even if it isn’t great, will still help in that you can focus it on picking up your voice. The camera’s microphone is instead recording all the sound in the room, hopefully including your voice.