Black History Month 28: We Fly High

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Black Panther
you ain’t ready
blackpanther01.jpg blackpanther02.jpg blackpanther03.jpg
blackpanther04.jpg blackpanther05.jpg
Blade and Brother Voodoo
“There are worse things out tonight than vampires.”
blade-voodoo01.jpg blade-voodoo02.jpg blade-voodoo03.jpg
amandla, man. (sorry)
cage01.jpg cage02.jpg cage03.jpg cage04.jpg
cage05.jpg cage06.jpg cage07.jpg cage08.jpg
cage09.jpg cage10.jpg cage11.jpg

The Crew
don’t start none, won’t be none
crew01.jpg crew02.jpg crew03.jpg crew04.jpg

Flippa Dippa
look man, i got nothing.
flippa01.jpg flippa02.jpg

John Henry Irons, Steel
steel drivin’ man

John Stewart, Green Lantern
taking him for granted would be a mistake

(one more day!)

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2 comments to “Black History Month 28: We Fly High”

  1. Josiah was so much better than Elijah.

  2. Who knew that Cage was related to the paperboy from Better Off Dead?

    The fact that he invaded a sovereign nation and kicked the ass of any- and everything that stood in his way because Doom owed him $200 makes him the biggest badass in the Marvel Universe.