Orpheus Rising

October 18th, 2007 by | Tags:

Hey, you know who was kind of a cool character? Orpheus.

Black Mask slit his throat and wore his face as a mask during War Games. He hasn’t been mentioned since, I don’t think. It’s been three years.

His buddy Onyx? She got stabbed by Jason Todd. No word on if she lived or died, because she also hasn’t been mentioned. It’s been a couple years on that front, I think. It was pre-IC.

How many reviews have you seen online for Percy Carey and Ron Wimberly’s Sentences?

I’m thinking again.

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One comment to “Orpheus Rising”

  1. There a lot of reasons that I personally avoid discussing issues of feminism in comic books on the internet because of the way that the proponents of that discussion use it.

    As I read the posts on blogs and on forums I find myself annoyed that it’s not a discussion about equality for all characters, so that we can read honest depictions of people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities, and denominations. It’s seems to be mostly about fans who are violently reactionary to a select group of characters. I can’t believe the uproar over Spoiler goes on without any mentioning of the fact that Orpheus was killed in the same storyline and the villain literary wore black face. So instead of making a strong case for the offensive depiction of characters, they see only the

    It sends a message to me that bad writing and slandering of characters is only important if it happens to a white women. It tells me that you don’t really want my help unless it’s your pet character.

    I am amazed by the fact that Big Barda gets killed in New Gods and people don’t even mention that storyline trope number one (the brother dies first) got used yet again. I remember that time Cheryl got in it with a few people over the storm hair thing, and you could see people were ready to froth at the mouth instead of hearing her out. They don’t seem to play well with others, don’t want our input, or acknowledge us.

    They’re as hostile as John Byrne fans, I seriously wished there was some other more rational group out there.