Baby, why you gotta hurt me like that?

September 7th, 2007 by | Tags: ,

From the Black Canary Wedding Planner:


Is this supposed to be cute, playful ribbing?


How about now?

Why are these two getting together again?

I’m still alive, by the way, just neglecting my writing duties like an asshole. I have something in the works, though!

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7 comments to “Baby, why you gotta hurt me like that?”

  1. I still love that he faked the death of a little girl that Dinah loved as a daughter, and essentially had her deported, albeit to save her life.

    ’cause, I mean, if a woman caused me the worst kind of grief in the world as a favor, I’d totally marry her.

    “Naw baby I didn’t tell you because I needed your reaction to be real, and I guess I didn’t tell you after the bad guys were gone because I forgot hahaha”

    This marriage is pretty gross.

  2. And their relationship has been like this for decades now. Ollie is the poster child of fun in dysfunctional. I’m waiting for the “My bride is a JUNKIE?!” issue.

  3. They are getting together because the DCU has been throughly infested with shadow demons of the Anti-Monitor.

    Here’s to hoping this gets retconned.

  4. Wait, Ollie reported Sin to Immigra? When did that happen?

  5. In the Black Canary miniseries. He didn’t have her officially deported, but he faked her death so that the League of Assassins would leave her alone and had her shipped off to some area where she would be safe… but Dinah couldn’t see her.

  6. It would be nice if, in a fictional world where women as well as men can rend cars in half with their hands, they’d acknowledge that women shouldn’t hit men they’re dating and it’s not funny when it happens.

  7. That would require acknowledging that women are a) real people and b) strong, Jbird, thus tearing apart the entire male adolescent power fantasy that is the current editorial climate at DC and Warner.


    But yeah. Also: the whole “Lets pretend Sin’s dead and not tell Dinah” thing is a remarkably shitty thing to do, but does make perfect sense in the world they live in, IMO. Its a world that actually does have several global evil organisations, so plots directly from a soap opera do make a certain amount of sense.