Seq Tart: A Throughly Modern Digital Woman

July 11th, 2007 by | Tags: , ,

Blogfriend Cheryl Lynn was interviewed by Sequential Tart.

ST: Who gets it right, both in comics and other media? (And why is this important?)

CLE: I look at the work of someone like Khari Evans and I truly believe that he is an artist who loves drawing women. Not just women of one particular type, but beautiful women period. All races. All ethnicities. All body types. He depicts women with a variety of features and he gets those features right. And it’s important to get those features right because a girl shouldn’t have to pick up a comic and be made to feel that she is less than another person simply because she has kinky hair, or dark skin, or no crease in her eyelids. She shouldn’t be told that characters that share her features aren’t worthy of being drawn correctly. That wears away at a person’s self-esteem. It makes for an unpleasant reading experience.

Go check it out.

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