4thletter is for… dumb explanations

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(I couldn’t fit “that nobody asked for” after “dumb explanations”)

Okay guys, serious question time.

Which one of you out there demanded to know what the deal was with Power Girl’s cleavage window? Stop for a minute and think.

Did we really need an explanation for PG’s window? I quite like Amanda Conner, so the PG arc of JSA Classified was very good, but I could’ve done without knowing why she has a gaping hole in her costume. Before, I’d chalked it up to being yet another side-effect of cheesecake comics. Tying it into the Superman mythos is interesting… but also kind of creepy. I liked it better when it was just “Hey, free cheesecake.” Now it’s like… highbrow cheesecake or something. Expensive cheesecake.

I kid, really.

But seriously fanboys and fangirls, we don’t need everything explained to us. If there’s a minor continuity glitch, write it off as Hypertime. Hypertime was fun, easy, and let all your imaginary stories be real ones. If your hero isn’t acting properly in a team comic, hey, it’s just a bad day! Give it two months and you probably won’t even remember that Clark Kent parted his hair on the left instead of the right or that Power Girl’s boob window is actually due to deep, introspective thought and psychoanalysis rather than, say, a tragic fabric shortage at the warehouse.

It’s just comics. We all love ’em, but sometimes, ignorance actually is bliss.

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11 comments to “4thletter is for… dumb explanations”

  1. Pre-Crisis, they didn’t have one, but it wasn’t a big stretch of the imagination to picture her tearing the little Superman symbol off her costume after E-2 Clark had it made for her.

    I like that one a lot better.

  2. I will admit that my knowledge of pre-Crisis, shoot, pre-JLI Power Girl is minimal, but I kind of like that explanation better than the new one, too.

    Sometimes simple is good.

    “So, why ‘Bat’man?”

    “’cause one time a bat scared the freaking crap out of me and I think a grown man dressed as a bat might scare criminals, too.”

    “Huh… cool.”

  3. Superman is totally stoned in that picture.

  4. But, but… Hypertime no longer exists. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. I disagree, though. I didn’t *need* to know it, but now that the explanation is out there, it’s fun to think about. Value added!

  6. Thank You!

    Hypertime, why did they decide to do away with you?

    What is so complex about the concept that anything that could possibly happen has in some part of a mutliverse….

    A multiverse of infinite imagination!

    It was so simple yet so…complete.

  7. ::Superman is totally stoned in that picture.::

    Gavok, LOL! You’re right, though I didn’t realize it until I looked at the picture again – he’s Totally the Barney of Steel! “Duuuude – I need some Super-Munchies, stet!”

    I didn’t know Jay and Silent Bob were doing comic illustration…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tim Liebe
    Dreaded Spouse-Creature of Tamora Pierce
    – and co-writer of Marvel’s upcoming White Tiger comic

    PS: Thank you to David for letting me post here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. And we all know the worst part about Superman being stoned.

  9. MetalJ– You can’t get rid of hypertime by its very nature! Infinite Crisis and New Earth are part of just another fork in the river of Hypertime, one that can’t see its multiversal brethren.

  10. They honest to god gave it an explanation? Great Ceaser’s Ghost! I was perfectly happy figuring PG went “Hrmm, I’ve got a spectacular rack, I should run with that in the outfit.”

  11. ::And we all know the worst part about Superman being stoned.::

    Absolutely, Gavok! That frame should be run right after this one! ๐Ÿ˜€

    ::hey honest to god gave it an explanation? Great Ceaserโ€™s Ghost!::

    ObiJay – what can I say? Most writers these days are fans, too – these things are…important, somehow…I guess….

    Tim Liebe
    Dreaded Spouse-Creature of Tamora Pierce
    – and co-writer of Marvel’s upcoming White Tiger comic