Tokyopop A Bunch Of Jerks, Film at 11

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Tokyopop press release:
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced the company is joining forces with TOKYOPOP, the number one manga company in the U.S., to launch a series of mobile games starting with the popular manga East Coast Rising, a rollicking tale of pirates and high seas adventure. The game is expected to be available in early Fall.

“Transforming a hot manga property like East Coast Rising into a mobile game demonstrates the kind of synergy that’s now possible between traditional forms of entertainment and mobile content,” commented Joe Morris, vice president, mobile content, Konami Digital Entertainment. “As the leaders of the global manga revolution, TOKYOPOP reaches a teen audience that wants cool stuff to play on their cell phones.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Konami to move TOKYOPOP’s creative juice into the white-hot area of mobile gaming. Our two brands both stand for an East-meets-West aesthetic that really speaks out to fans worldwide, so working together is a natural fit that will truly push the envelope,” said Stu Levy, CEO TOKYOPOP.

The mobile gaming adaptation of East Coast Rising invites users to defend New York from hostile New Jersey pirates and evil monsters in an exciting new mobile game set in the compelling world of TOKYOPOP’s critically-acclaimed East Coast Rising manga. Sail the seas in the search of high adventure but beware the pirate ship Hoboken …and the Creeping Death. Visit the ragtag denizens of various destroyed and flooded East Coast cities using Map Mode. Enter Battle Mode and fight a host of enemies on every voyage. Earn gold through successful battles to buy the repairs and supplies you need for keeping your ship and crew in top fighting trim. Strategy and planning are crucial if you hope to triumph over the villains at the end of each level. Choose from several difficulty settings. Once you master the basic game, download more playable levels for new challenges in the East Coast Rising world.

Notice anything funny? Oh, like the fact that the creator of the work doesn’t get a mention in an article pimping the fact that her comic is being turned into a mobile game?

This is beyond bad form, Tokyopop.

Becky Cloonan’s site is here, and it comes with links to buy her stuff. I recommend DEMO in particular.

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6 comments to “Tokyopop A Bunch Of Jerks, Film at 11”

  1. Can I make a request? Can you guys put the original comics source of those stuff in the banners? Cause I really want to chase some of those comics down. 😛

  2. That would be pretty difficult. Not all of these were made by us, so I don’t have sources.

    If you have specific ones you want to know about, I can see if Gavok and I remember where they’re from, but that’s about it.

  3. If you have any specific ones, I can do my best.

  4. Well, three popped into mind:

    The guy who said “I sold my soul for a pair of pants”.
    What appears to be Black Mask running.
    A guy getting hit by everything from the Avengers (I’m thinking it’s the Beyonder, but I’m not sure).

  5. The first one was from the first story arc on Priest’s Black Panther run. I don’t know the exact issue, but it should be somewhere between 1-5.

    The second is from Judd Winick’s run on Batman, late in the series I think. I want to say that Red Hood had just fired a rocket at his building, but it may be from earlier than that. It’s definitely from Winick’s run, though.

    The last… no idea. It may be the Beyonder, but Gav may know.

  6. The Black Mask thing is indeed from Winick’s Batman run. Mask looks out the window to see Red Hood pointing a rocket launcher in his direction. Cue goofy running as Red Hood talks about how fast Mask can move before firing the rocket. It’s worth noting that the rocket had “LOL” on the side.

    The last one is from… ugh… Secret Wars II. I looked through the issue because I was looking for first appearances by various characters and that issue happened to have Tabitha of Nextwave fame’s first showing. That is indeed the Beyonder, getting absolutely trashed by Marvel’s various heroes. Hell, I think I saw Doorman in there.