Sergio Aragonés Is Funny

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Here’s a gag from Sergio Aragonés Funnies 6 that made me laugh and laugh:

Aragonés may well be my favorite funnyman in comics. He can do shaggy dog jokes, long and funny stories, and then just sorta basic high concept-y stuff like this. I like how mean this gag is, man. There’s not really any jokes in it until the very last panel, just cold police brutality, and then wham, tears in my eyes. I read it right before bed and late at night, so maybe that was a factor, but c’mon–this is funny.

I was thinking the other day about how someone should put together a nice archival collection of this guy’s work, since he’s been in the biz for decades and has remained funny throughout. Turns out MAD’s Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragones: Five Decades of His Finest Works came out in 2010. 272 pages worth of Sergio. Feels like a must-buy, considering how much I enjoy his jokes.

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3 comments to “Sergio Aragonés Is Funny”

  1. He’s really one of the most under-appreciated guys in comics. Groo is some of the most timeless, funniest comics ever.

    Also, I love This old picture of him and Stan Sakai.

  2. I got one of the Showcase collections of House of Mystery without knowing that Sergio Aragones did all of those Cain’s Game Room bits in it. That was an awesome surprise.

  3. Take that Santa! Pay What You OWE!!! – Riley Freeman