This Week in Panels: Week 72

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Blah blah, new week of panels. Listen, I just lost a lot of money and some very shady people may or may not be coming to do some unfortunate things to my fingers, so I have to make this quick. Just me this time around, flying solo.

Azrael #17
David Hine and Cliff Richards

Daken: Dark Wolverine #5
Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Deadpool & Cable #26
Duane Swiercynzski and Leandro Fernandez

Hulk #29
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman and Ben Oliver

Invincible #77
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Irredeemable #22
Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Ozma of Oz #4
Eric Shanower and Skottie Young

Secret Six #30
Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore

She-Hulks #4
Harrison Wilcox and Ryan Stegman

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6
Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund

Ultimate Thor #4
Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco

Azrael was fucking awesome this week… right until the “To be concluded” graphic on the last page. Goddamn low sales.

Invincible is finally picking up with a very interesting new direction, but Kirkman REALLY needs to take it easy on the graphic violence. It’s cool every once and a while, but it’s reaching the point of asking if you want fries with your ketchup.

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9 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 72”

  1. So much to say. I’m sure I’ll forget half of it.

    I thought that Azrael image was Moon Knight, at first.
    Invincible is enjoyable despite often making very little sense.
    That Deadpool/Cable panel is hilarious.

  2. @West: Azrael really is just Moon Knight with a religious edge these days. He even has a skinless guy following him around that may or may not be a figment of his imagination.

  3. Um… Wow. Dunno if that’s a good thing or bad.

    Also, I will admit to liking Daken, these days – the character if not “personally.”. Even the ‘hawk has grown on me, as it and the tats have evolved over time.

    I can’t help wondering how someone with Wolverine’s healing factor can even HAVE a lasting tat or haircut, but whatever. Even the fact that they’ve given him a flexible sexual orientation interests me because it means this character has been given serious consideration – unlike so many.

  4. I hadn’t heard about the Deadpool n’ Cable thing, is that just tmeporary to jack sales or what? I loved their original series.

  5. @Rick Wears Pants: It was a one-shot about Deadpool reacting to Cable’s recent death. Which is weird, since it’s so easy to fit such an issue into any of his series.

  6. Well, David Brothers . . . as to your suggestion last time around that I buy a book if I like the panel – I was right and you were wrong.

  7. Thank you for these articles, though, Gavok, and for your helpful suggestion last time, which was right on the nose.

  8. @Gavok: Oh, not so weird. Way doesn’t really seem interested in Deadpool’s history whatsoever. Deadpool Corps is off in its own galaxy (I’m not 100% sure that it’s even in the Marvel Universe). Deadpool Team-Up would theoretically be a perfect place for this issue, but that book seems strictly anti-continuity. (Not in the sense that it violates anything on purpose; more in the sense that it is unconcerned with the larger goings on of the MU.)

    So, where else to put it?

  9. @clay: Considering Cable died as a member of X-Force, I thought it could be worked into that. The way I see it, Deadpool is a member of X-Force because it fits into both of his states of mind. If he’s trying to be heroic? He’s doing it for Cable and because he wants to help out. If he’s being greedy? They pay him well and HE’S ON AN X-MEN TEAM! WHOO!

    Each day he wakes up with a different reason for why he’s on the team.