Iron Man: Armor Wars

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The new Iron Man trailer premiered tonight during Jimmy Kimmel. As expected, it looks like heat rocks. Check it out on Apple’s site if you want to watch it in high def or hit the video below for the official Youtube HD embed.

I’m liking what the story is shaping up to be. The US gov’t getting in bed with Whiplash to bring down Stark, Rhodey backing up his homey, Pepper still not falling for his tricks, Scarlett Johansson looking like Scarlett Johansson… it’s gonna be a good’un.

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3 comments to “Iron Man: Armor Wars”

  1. The armor isn’t in his briefcase. . .it -is- his briefcase. This makes me so happy I think you’d have to chisel my grin off. ^.^


  2. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it before but, what is with the casting for redheads in comic book adaptations? I love redheads, and from the large number of redheads in comics I’m guessing comic book writers like them too, so why aren’t they played by redheads? They are all played by blonds, but the problem with me is that redheads have a very distinctive look to them a blond can’t pull off. And it’s not just the freckles, something else to i cant quite say. And I know Hollywood isn’t packed with redheads (Film studies friend explained that freckles don’t film well most of the time) but damn. This movie is a good target for my complaint because it featured two redheads, non of which are played by actual redheads (Although this isn’t as bad as Spiderman 3 with Kirsten Dunst and Bryce Howard, but don’t get me started on Kirsten Dunst) So who could have played Black Widow? I can name one actress who should have been used by Marvel studios at this point: Alicia Witt. She turned down Mary Jane for Spiderman 1, but for every role requiring a redhead they should have knocked on her door. If they couldn’t get a redhead they could have given the role to someone who at least looks like a redhead. Best idea for Black Widow would be Eva Green. She’s a natural blond, but covered in freckles. Hell, give the girl from Transporter 3 more acting lessons and a voice coach and she wold have done it too, and she’s actually Russian. I’m rambling on and I can write a list of other redheaded actresses for pages. But in the end comic book creators and fans love redheads, so why not cast them to play redheads?

  3. One thing I always wondered about Iron Man, why does the face on his armour make him look so grumpy?