The Boys 35 Preview

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The Boys is a good series that’s been getting better as it gets closer to its endpoint. While the occasional individual issue may not always be up to par, the arcs have been good stuff.

There was a sequence early in The Boys that’s stuck with me. Two pages from The Boys Vol. 2: Get Some:


His line about hate not being “lazy-ass fuckin’ bullshit” is something that betrays a deeper story, and it looks like we’re getting it with the new arc of The Boys. CBR has a nsfw preview of The Boys #35, with this text:

Origins time. In the first of the two part “Nothing Like It In The World”, Mother’s Milk tells Hughie the story of his life to date- his upbringing in Harlem, the secret of his massive strength, the catastrophe that struck his family, and the unforgettable boxing championship disaster that led him to join The Boys.

His name is apt. I’ll just leave it at that.

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One comment to “The Boys 35 Preview”

  1. I dunno. I just finished vol 4 and I’m pretty tired of this series.

    Yeah there is a story there, and a pretty good one too. But I have to wade through pages of ‘humor’ about jacking off and then pages of tired homages to existing characters. A lot of the time it just seems a one-joke parody comic and after 4 books the joke is tired.

    So I might give vol 5 a look but I don’t see myselve picking this up anymore.