To Read Makes Joss Whedon’s Speaking English Good?

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It seems that FOX did something to Joss Whedon’s vision of the first season of Dollhouse.  Joss Wheden talked about it after a charity screening of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  And after reading the quote, I have no idea what it is.

[FOX] said “so they’re kinda like prostitutes and that’s not ok” Word came down that it wasn’t ok. I wanted to make a show that’s about feeling bad about feeling good or good about feeling bad. Fantasy is just that, fantasy. FOX wanted to back away from these implications.

The thing is, they are prostitutes and that is ‘not ok’.  It seems like acknowledging that is doing the exact opposite of ‘backing away’ from the implications of that concept.

Or is it ‘not okay’ for them to be shown as prostitutes and Joss Whedon wanted to lay what the dolls were used for out plainly enough for us all to have moral objections?

Or were the FOX executives simply saying to lay off the hooker plots?

Only Joss knows for sure. 

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2 comments to “To Read Makes Joss Whedon’s Speaking English Good?”

  1. You know what WOULD make the concept more palatable to a mainstream audience? If they were prostitutes WITH THE MINDS OF CHILDREN to the point where the main character actually becomes a child in the final episode just to dispense with pretence altogether.

    Good call on sanitising the concept, FOX.

  2. Whatever Joss is trying to say he’s wrong and the Fox execs are right.