Something Jumped Out At Me From The Battle For The Cowl Promo Image.

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Obviously, the winner, as previously suggested on this site, should be Ted Kord, who I am assuming is not in the picture in order to preserve the element of surprise.

But if it ends up being Alfred?  In that uniform?  It’s all been worth it.

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5 comments to “Something Jumped Out At Me From The Battle For The Cowl Promo Image.”

  1. I didn’t know about the Kord prediction. I thought he was dead anyway.

  2. yeah, I’ve seen people comment how it’s amazing how in a picture with like six Batmen he manages to dominate it.

  3. How old is Alfred, roughly? I know he’s an adept fellow, but I seriously can’t imagine him going postal on Gotham City.

  4. Y’know, the Outsiders are going to be led by an “Owlman” in Batman’s absence (with an additional assist from Paramilitary Alfred, or so I hear). So who is Owlman? Dick Grayson was Owlman for one Golden Age story, and of course there is an Owlman associated with the Crime Syndicate/Society, but I don’t think either of these are right.

    I saw some panels from Superman Beyond, which featured a character named Captain Manhattan; the character sat between the original Charlton icon (Captain Atom) and that icon’s extrapolation in Watchmen (Doctor Manhattan). I thought for a second that maybe that world would have an Owlman, as a Blue Beetle/Nite-Owl analogue. Maybe that guy might end up on the main Earth.

    However, it would make more (comic book) sense for Ted Kord to take up that mantle, if he was alive and the Blue Beetle name was currently being used.

    I dunno who Owlman is, really, but we might be pleasantly surprised . . .

  5. @Carl: He has to be around Bruce’s age in DKR. That makes it possible.

    @Charles W.: Last time I checked, Owlman was an evil Batman from another universe. This can’t be good. But I’ll check it out if there’s Batman.