New Fred Hembeck Interview!

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Find it at The Comics Reporter

SPURGEON: I know that you have an appreciation for the older comics. Can you talk about some of your more fundamental influences? Certainly your work was very different than other stuff that was being done at the time. Do you have classic influences?

HEMBECK: At one point, I sat around — and this was several years before I had anything published — just re-drawing Beetle Bailey strips. So I kind of had Mort Walker in the back of my head. I also sat around re-drawing Neal Adams strips. You can’t see that. [Spurgeon laughs] I have like a whole sketchbook from when I was 18 where I copied whole issues of Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman. I’m going, “Man, I’m the new Neal Adams.” But I guess they didn’t need one.

I’m a little late linking to this, but it’s a great read. Who doesn’t love Hembeck?

Why doesn’t he get more work?

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