Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Five

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Welcome back, friends. Last time we met, Wolverine talked about meeting Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, followed by his ordered attempt to kill the latter. Then dinosaurs happened. Thankfully, we’re about done with his endless flashback.

That line at the end of the second page? I think we have a new 4th Letter tagline.

This is the part of the article where I give a token mention to ManiacClown for the assist. More tomorrow, as Iron Man and Black Panther show up for a spell.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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10 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Five”

  1. Summoning dinosaurs would of been handy when they were fighting an invading superteam. All she did then was “increase the chances” of someone coming to kick Loki’s ass. Thor was effective, but he was no cold blooded two story meat tearing lizard.

  2. I’m beginning to think Pietro and Wanda have a thing for each other.

  3. Just want to let you know I love the U3 spoof. Even though I dig the series I can’t help but laugh at all the ones you have done on here.

  4. *Stands away from Raven Gregory*

    You frighten me boyo. Also, why is no one mentioning that Pietro would be Logan’s kid as well if Wanda was/is? Also also, how random is a dinosaur attack when you’re in the Savage Land?

  5. LurkerWithout: the reason a dinosaur attack would be random in the Savage Land is because dinosaurs didn’t exist in the Ultimate Savage Land until Wanda’s outburst, according to this issue.

    As for Pietro, it’s apparently possible for twins to be born from two different fathers. And Pietro looks so much like Magneto that he kind of has to be his son.

  6. Pietro’s hair is vaguely Wolverine-like. If you squint.

  7. I really, really wonder what the reactions are to this book in Marvel editorial.

  8. I would think the editorial reaction was something like this, “Sex every issue? Ignore continuity? Kill off Wanda? Naked Wolverine having sex? Insult the readers every issue? You’re a genius, man! We have our man for penning Captain America.”

  9. Dan: I can tell you. There’s a press call over on NRama, where they basically say that, no, its not poor writing, its a plot point.


    Speaking of the Ultimate Universe, Rosemann said that it’s been exciting to see three issues of Ultimates 3 come out in a row. “Everyone’s just loving the crazy, roller-coaster thrill ride of what’s going on, why are these characters acting different, who killed Scarlet Witch, what’s up with Wolverine, and how’s it all connected to what’s come before? So the answers are forthcoming in two more issues that all lead to Ultimatum.

    “Also – who is Ultimate Black Panther? One of the things Jeph is great at is creating mysteries that have fans going crazy trying to guess the answer. What’s really fun about Ultimates 3 is that there are so many mysteries going on, and all the answers are coming in the next two issues.”

    Sooo… yeah. Not OOC, its a plot point. Wasp not being Asian any more? Plot point. Hawkeye shooting guns? Plot point.

    Goddamnit, Loeb.

  10. “I’m the best at what I do. And what I do is hide in the bushes and watch creepy sex.”

    I really shouldn’t have read this at 4am, because my laughter woke up my roommate…