Friday Night Fights Round 9

May 11th, 2007 by | Tags:

(from Superman vs Muhammad Ali, click for bigger)
Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all time and space. Superman is an alien faking the funk. Who’d you think was going to win?
Friday Night Fights: Round 9

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3 comments to “Friday Night Fights Round 9”

  1. […] Announcer: Who says there is anything wrong with a mundane gig?!? D Bro is like a man smokin’ at a gas station, and he’s about to BLOW UP!!! […]

  2. KOTTAM!!! I was going to use this in Round 12, but, I saw you got down with it, so I had to let you represent (fair and balanced, you know?!?) Nice punch, bruh. The best.

    BTW — can you do me a solid and change “Bahlactus” to “Always Bet on Bahlactus” in your sidebar? ‘Preciate it!

  3. 1) I remember this ish being advertised when I was a kid. I really wanted it.
    2) I wonder if that’s Neal Adams’ work.
    3) Looks a bit like Martian Manhunter funkin’ up the works near the end, there.