Who Would Win In A Fight: Jubilee vs Kitty Pryde

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Oh yes, it is that time again! Time for your favorite feature and mine, Who Would Win In A Fight!

If you’re new to the blog, WWWIF is a semi-regular (read: whenever I remember to do it) feature where I put some thought toward non-standard comics fights. No Superman vs Batman, Thing vs Hulk, or Spider-Man vs Blue Beetle here, no sirree. These are the fights that are important. If you want to read the previous entires in this battle, click the “Who Would Win In a Fight” category link over to your right, or click here.

Er, now that I click the link myself, I see that there is only one other fight. Oops! Well, here’s a second. Onward!

Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde vs Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee!
“I was the first and the best, Jubilee! You’re going down!”
“Pfft, I’m shoor, old-timer. As if.”

Kitty and Jubes have a lot in common. They’re both teenaged sidekicks. They both had to fight to stay on the X-Men. Kitty Pryde had her “Professor Xavier is a JERK!” and was Jubilee ever an official X-Man? Wolverine has a paternal relationship with both of them, even going so far as to drag them along on trips to Japan, Madripoor, and who knows where else.

It’s kind of interesting in how they differ in their relationships with the other X-Men. Kitty’s “mother,” for lack of a better word, is Ororo “Storm” Munroe. They have a great and nurturing relationship going. Of course, Kitty also dated Peter “Colossus” Rasputin for a good long while, turning Peter into not only a mutant hated and feared by a world he’s sworn to protect, but a probable sex offender.

Jubilee, however, is a bit more rough. She’s been openly jealous of many of the X-Women’s X-Bodies, she used to hate Psylocke’s ninja-kicking, bathing-suit-for-a-uniform-wearing, race-changing guts, and for a little bit she had something of a crush on Gambit, even if she would never admit it. Also, she called Longshot “Blonde Jovi” once and wondered how he got into the X-Men.

Kitty Pryde has enjoyed no small amount of popularity. I mean, and I’m not trying to be mean here, but she’s tailored to be someone’s dream girl. I’m sure you know what I mean. She’s a collection of traits that make people go “Ooh, awesome!” She’s consistently cute, super-smart, has ninja skills, is great with computers, and isn’t so hoity-toity that she won’t date a normal guy like you Doug Ramsey. I mean, that’s not even touching on the Agent of SHIELD stuff, Excalibur, Mekanix, or any of the other awful things she’s done or been through over the years. She’s got baggage. Now, she’s in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-men, hardcore-ing it up, slapping Emma Frost around, and getting all the good lines. It’s worth noting that Kitty’s current and original costume are classics, but every single costume she had in between these two have actually been worse than every costume the Wasp has had. That is an incredible accomplishment. Even when she’s screwing up, she’s perfect at it.

Jubilee, on the other hand, hasn’t. She was in Generation X for a while, then that got canceled, and then she lost her powers during House of M. She had a good run in X-Men, though, and I hear that her stuff during Wolverine’s solo series was great, but I haven’t read it yet. She was pretty awesome in the X-Men tv show, too. The yellow trenchcoat is bright enough to be blinding. The “Jubilee” earrings are a nice touch, too, but the bright pink shirt and ’90s shorts that go up to her armpits are awful. I’m kind of glad that those got dropped, costume-wise. Shorts don’t belong above your belly button.

Jubilee is another of those characters with “hidden potential.” She could theoretically kill people with her “pafs,” but tends to shy away from doing such a thing. Even better, I read somewhere that she is technically splitting atoms on a subatomic level, which makes her a nuclear threat. When properly unleashed, she is crazy powerful. She blew up the Mandarin’s boat back during the bit when Jubilee, Psylocke, and Wolverine were traipsing around Southeast Asia. She’s an Olympic-level gymnast, too, and a decent fighter. This doesn’t stop the other X-Men from saving her on a daily basis. She’s gone toe-to-toe with The Hand, though, so she can’t be too bad. Then again, it is The Hand. You can get a Hand membership out of a Crackerjacks box. Jubilee is also a walking and talking ’90s pop culture reference, and starred in a really, really bad Generation X TV pilot from the ’90s that I inordinately loved as a kid. It should’ve gone on to be a TV show, I’ll tell you what. It would’ve been bigger than Buffy.

Kitty Pryde’s abilities are pretty well-defined. All of them. Putting aside the ridiculous idea of “phasing between worlds” or whatever that was in X-Treme X-Men, she can phase herself and things she is in contact with through nearly any object. It’s been suggested that she can phase through anything but adamantium, too. She’s super smart and an expert computer user. She can hack and program and blah blah blah. She was an agent of SHIELD for a little bit, so she may even be government trained. She was possessed by Ogun, Wolverine’s former sensei, and had crazy ninja skills for a short while. Later on, according to Thomas Wilde, Warren Ellis realizes that “Kitty’s spent years and years being taught how to fight hand-to-hand by one of the scariest bastards on Earth.” So, sup crazy fighting skills! Also, she can phase just enough that she can walk on air.

Yes, she can fly. She also has a pet dragon. Cripes. She probably isn’t a long-lost princess, though.

Taken head to head, this would be an interesting and pretty short battle. Kitty could just grab Jubilee and half-phase her into a rock or something. Jubilee probably couldn’t open up full bore on Kitty the way she needs to do in order to win the fight, so it’d devolve to hand-to-hand… against a ninja master who can turn intangible. Jubilee is agile, so she could probably dodge a few hits, but Kitty is super smart, can walk on air, and has crazy fight training. Jubilee could use her fireworks to blind Kitty and get in some good hits, but all Kitty has to do is turn intangible and nothing Jubilee throws would land. It is worth noting that Kitty can still see when she’s phased, which means a couple things. One, light can still strike her eyes (and the rest of her, since she doesn’t turn invisible). That means she still has some form of solid matter. Two, if light can strike her eyes, Jubilee’s pafs might have the impact of actual matter. Gavok thinks that Jubes may even be able to induce seizures in Kitty. Even if she can’t, having fireworks going off in your brain can’t be a good thing.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that, six times out of ten, Kitty Pryde would probably beat the bone marrow out of Jubilee and then invent a cure for cancer, AIDS, and the common cold out of that bone marrow, all the while singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Final Verdict: Jubilee wins by authorial fiat.

Thanks for reading!

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20 comments to “Who Would Win In A Fight: Jubilee vs Kitty Pryde”

  1. I think Kitty would win. Kitty is just a Mary Sue of Joss Whedon and guys have all the upper body strength. In any fight Joss would make sure that Kitty came out ahead, cured cancer, and re-ignited the sun all while beating Prof. Xavier in chess.

  2. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but mentioning the phrase “Mary Sue” means you instantly fail at comics discussion, if not life in general.

    Go now and sin no more.

  3. I want to give something insightful here, because I’m compelled to comment… I’ll just say that I agree with the reason behind your decision. I don’t want to come off as hipster, but Miss Pride really feels like something outside of believable. As if one is supposed to be set up to enjoy her on all levels, a “Mary Sue”, stated already, if that term hits the short and sweet of it.

    I like the way you present Jubilee’s traits, the fact that she has apparent weaknesses and a power set that doesn’t seem like “double-backing” to cover your ass. She might lose by default, but that’s definitely why she wins, isn’t it?

  4. Jubilee could have ninja skills too. I mean she had that aunt that was an international assassin or something from the Kirkman series. And shes had to have picked something by osmosis by hanging out with all the other X-Ninjas…

    Of course Kitty made Dracula back down at one point. Thats kind of cool…

  5. “I hate to be the one to tell you this, but mentioning the phrase “Mary Sue” means you instantly fail at comics discussion, if not life in general.”


    “In other words, Alice’s been turned into a textbook fanfiction.net author-created character: a Mary Sue, for those who know the slang.”

  6. Remember when Kitty was running around with one of Wolverine’s bone claws, schnoiking guys while in lunar orbit, and generally being the poster child for Claremont-esque angst?


    Jubes for the win.

  7. […] Who Would Win In A Fight: Jubilee vs Kitty Pryde – David “hermanos” Brothers from 4thletter! pitts Jubilee against Kitty Pryde…and, you’ll never guess who wins (from 4thletter!) […]

  8. Synonymous, that’s an ice burn!

  9. Kitty’s power: Intangibility.

    Jubilee’s power: Fireworks.

    Who do you THINK wins?

  10. A text-book ice byrne.

  11. Notintheface, that’s hilarious because I’m sure you mean Kitty would win, but I just went “Jubilee, duh” when I read your post. Fireworks hurt(ask my uncle), turning into a ghost doesn’t. Yeah yeah, she could rip out your heart and shit, but when I look at her I just see a girl who can walk through walls. The Vision can do everything she can and more, yet nobody goes “Vision could totally kill gambit” or whatever analogy you want to make.

    In the end I think Kitty loses because of the defining moments in my mind: Kitty getting Shoryuken’d by Deadpool, and Jubilee taking down a sentinel. Okay, fine, Whedon made Kitty TALK a sentinel down but that’s hardly the same.

    Plus, one of the versions of Days of Future Past says that Jubilee grows up to kick fucking ass, while the other says that Kitty, I dunno, didn’t she die or something in that one?

  12. I glad you gave Jubilee the win, I grew up with Jubilee in my X-men comics and didn’t know Kitty was so popular until a couple of years ago. Its funny I found this today I just posted a sketch of how I would like to draw Jubilee now if she still active

  13. I really dig that drawing! The x-medallion and new jacket are a nice touch, too. Thanks for linking it!

  14. She may not be a long-lost fairy princess, but Kitty is a Jewish Princess.

  15. Hey, just a suggestion, how about a Jarvis (from Iron Man) vs Alfred (from Batman) fight? Both are butler/assistants of billionaire geniuses. Who would win?

  16. Aw, I don’t really know enough about Jarvis to pull that one off. I just know he got beat up by Atlas one time?

    Plus, Alfred’s a secret agent and sidekick to the Bat. That old dude is hardcore.

  17. In a fight Kitty would win almost everytime. She is more disciplined and Jubilees firework couldn’t hurt Kitty if she phased right through the blasts. As for the taking down sentinels Kitty could phase into it and rip it apart from the inside out. For those of you who liked the cartoons of the 90’s Kitty was actually in the comic book versions of almost every one of those episodes. They changed them so they wouldn’t have to introduce her into the show. Finally Kitty is a stand alone characted while Jubilee is a sidekick for life. NUFF SAID

  18. Anyone who says Jubilee is just dry humping. Honestly, I am LMFAO at some of these posts.

    Kitty IS a demon ninja who can’t be touched. Jubilee blasts fireworks from her hands. Maybe she could be a ninja princess, or a future goddess…maybe one day she’ll be more than sidekick but in the here and now, she is never going to win a fight against Pryde. And take this from someone thinks ‘meh’ whenever I hear the name Kitty Pryde.

    I don’t even know why this is a serious question. 🙂 Hahaha!!!!

  19. Sorry people but if u think Kitty wins just because Jubliee’s powers are fireworks ur wrong..her power is explosive energy..and for all of Kitty’s supposed skill, intelligence and power, it still couldnt save her from her apparent (and probably temporary) DEATH! Yet Jubilee is still alive and kicking even after being nailed to a cross, kidnapped and brutally attacked by Omega Red, and losing her powers. I think they both are survivors but Jubes is more like Wolverine…the LONE SURVIVOR!

  20. Except Kitty can phase through those fireworks. So really, all her skill, intelligence and power is relevant and would in fact ‘save’ her from the deadliness that is Jubilee. (Note the sarcasm)

    Yeah, some of my favourite characters aren’t really great fighters but there’s no arguing the facts.

    Hand to hand- Kitty has more experience (Though I would like to see how Jubes gymnastic skills fare with those of a trained Ninja)

    Intelligence- I don’t think this has to be spelled out, do you?

    Experience- Kitty was a *member* of the X-Men when she was 13. Jubilee was at X-Men school for like fifty years (not exactly coz I don’t keep up with her timelines)

    Both went on missions with Logan. (see, I can be fair)

    Power- All the explosive power in the world means nothing when your opponent literally *can’t be touched*.

    As for surviving and what not, both have had their fare shares of troubles and scrapes. I’m not arguing against Jubes as a character. She has her place but Kitty would decimate her in a fight.

    (And I think getting the bullet situation was a whole lot more serious than some mallrat ‘paffing’ her.)