Breaking Bad Open Thread: “Fifty-One”

August 5th, 2012 Posted by david brothers

Sunday Sunday Sunday! We’re going to have a weekly chat about Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad. I buy mine off Amazon, so I’m usually a day behind, but every Sunday around showtime I’ll post an open thread. I’ll probably start linking the Breaking Bad podcasts and trailers and whatnot

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, you should. You can find Breaking Bad:
-On AMC, Sundays at 10 eastern
Seasons 1-4 on Netflix
on DVD
on Amazon Instant Video (my preferred method)

-Don’t be a dick
-No spoiler warnings, so don’t come in unless you’ve seen the latest episode
-Feel free to hyperlink and youtube it up
-Liveblogging is cool, just be specific so we know why you’re going “WHOA DUDE WHOA WHOA BRO”

This week is “Fifty-One,” directed by Rian Johnson (Looper! Brick!) and written by Sam Catlin, who also wrote “Crawl Space,” the episode last season that ended with Walt laughing and gave me waking sleep paralysis in the process.

Sneak peek:

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