“Paradise not lost, it’s in you” [On urban ennui]

July 18th, 2012 Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twenty focused observations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the final entry. I had a conversation with a friend about Damon Albarn and what I’ve been calling urban ennui. This is me trying to quantify that feeling, and how the music I enjoy the most has reflected or dealt with that feeling. This is more a collection of thoughts than a proper essay, but I hope you underdig it regardless.

Minutes from previous meetings of the Society: The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on screw music, on Goodie MOb’s “The Experience”, on blvck gxds and recurring ideas, on Killer Mike and political rap, on Ghostface Killah and storytelling

-One of my favorite, or maybe my most favorite, songs on the debut album from the Gorillaz is “M1A1.” Listen:

-The first couple minutes of this song are taken almost verbatim from George Romero’s Day of the Dead. The man’s shouts for other people turn the song into something a little creepy. He’s seeking companionship and finding none, but he keeps trying and the music eventually buries him. The implication is that he never finds anyone.

-“M1A1” could mean a lot of things. It’s a type of tank, a flamethrower, and a submachine gun. It’s also the name for a road in England, built toward the end of the ’90s. From wikipedia:

Between 1996 and 1999 the M1 section north of the M62 underwent a major reconstruction and extension to take the M1 on a new route to the A1(M) at Aberford. The new road involved the construction of a series of new junctions, bridges and viaducts to the east of Leeds. When the new section of M1 was completed and opened on 4 February 1999, the Leeds South Eastern Motorway section of the M1 was redesignated as the M621 and the junctions were given new numbers (M621 junctions 4 to 7).

-The song goes from empty loneliness to rapid-fire music and shouts. It’s an interesting balance. It’s not even remotely single-worthy or radio-ready, but it’s still a great song.

-It evokes a specific mood. It sounds like cities feel. You don’t talk to strangers. You don’t make friends. You stay in your bubble until you reach safety, and then you get to go wild — party, drugs, girls, sports, whatever.

-That mood puts me in mind of a Kid Cudi line from one of my favorite songs about depression: “Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit. Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 a.m., summer night.” This is how we have fun. Looking out over a city when it’s long past bedtime, enjoying the quiet, the swoosh of cars going by outside or at street level, and the cool winds. But it’s a little futile, too. The song’s called “Pursuit of Happiness.”

I bailed out of my life and went to Los Angeles last week for a few days. No email, no tweets, no nada. I don’t think I even texted that much, beyond getting directions from the LA gang. I spent Saturday night in Santa Monica, and I woke up around 3am. I got something to drink, looked out of a window, and realized that it was bright outside. The city lights made 3am look like 7pm. The weather made it feel the same. An eternal comfortable twilight, the perfect time of day locked in place and preserved. I wanted to take a walk, but instead I just went back to bed.

-I live in San Francisco, and sometimes I take walks at night with my iPod. This city is really nice at night, and I live in a pretty busy part of town. It isn’t quite as bright as Santa Monica was after midnight, but it’s still nice. My only issue is with the weather — I have to bring a jacket when I go out. But, sometimes, you hit that perfect balance and the city is beautiful in all the right ways.

-A couple Sundays ago, I found myself sitting on a bench in Japantown (a district in SF, just a couple blocks from my place), pleasantly faded, reading stories out of a copy of William Gibson’s Burning Chrome that the homey Sean Witzke sent me. It sounds simple, I mean I was just reading outside on a bench, but that’s not an experience I could have back home in Georgia. The people going by, the location, the smell of food from Yakini-Q drifting down the block, the reflections from the New People building… there’s something special there. Something fascinating and appealing.

-One of my favorite images of a city is a Black Star song, “Respiration.” It opens with a woman saying “Escuchela… la ciudad respirando.” I don’t know where that’s from, but here’s the hook and a youtube:

So much on my mind that I can’t recline
Blastin holes in the night til she bled sunshine
Breathe in, inhale vapors from bright stars that shine
Breathe out, weed smoke retrace the skyline
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call
I can’t take it y’all, I can feel the city breathin
Chest heavin, against the flesh of the evening
Sigh before we die like the last train leaving

It’s beautiful, yeah? I love “Breathe in: inhale vapors from bright stars that shine/ Breathe out: weed smoke retrace the skyline.” It’s crystal clear, a thousand words worth of imagery packed into two short lines. When I think of what I like about cities, this is what I think of. The city as a living, breathing organism and the citizens as people just trying to get by.

-I loved this song before I moved to a real city. I spent a couple years in Madrid, but that wasn’t quite the same. I wasn’t on my own. When I moved to SF and found myself alone, I finally understood the melancholy aspects of the song. City living is like nothing else, but it will burn you out if you can’t keep up.

“I don’t know why I chose to smoke sess. I guess that’s the time that I’m not depressed.”

-I was trying to explain this to a friend in email, and the only compact term I could come up with for what I’m talking about was “urban ennui.” Urban ennui is that feeling that arises when you’re caught between a city’s majesty and its dungeon. It’s the combination of pretending you’re sober enough to talk to a pretty girl on somebody’s balcony at midnight and curling into a fetal ball in your apartment because the pressure is too much a week later, and then doing it all again because escape is unthinkable and unwanted.

-The feeling isn’t ennui, not really. Ennui is a listlessness, a tiredness. It’s exhaustion. Depression. But that’s the closest feeling I could come up with, even though this is something different.

Urban ennui about the push and the pull between the sacred and the profane, and how both are required if you’re living in the city. It’s how a smile from a stranger can change your day just as fast as a mean mug from another. It’s how a snarl of cars is beautiful from four stories up and a nightmare at street level.

-I can hear traffic from my place late at night, when it’s real quiet. I like how cities sound, and if I’m up late, not sleeping, that quiet motion is comforting, like the ocean. I don’t know why I like it, I doubt if I could quantify it, but I do.

-One of my favorite rappers, a guy whose career has had almost undue influence on my writing style, is El-P. He started with Company Flow, moved to Definitive Jux, and I’ve followed him ever since I first heard CoFlow’s Funcrusher Plus. Here’s his song “For My Upstairs Neighbors (Mums The Word)” off his (very good) Cancer 4 Cure album.

He packs a lot in. Cops as hostile invaders and obstacles, New York attitude, snitching, abuse, but most of all, the unique relationship between neighbors in a city. You hear the noises from other apartments, the arguments and screams and orgasms and heels, and you ignore it. There’s no real common area, so you don’t hang out and become friends. Each apartment is a world unto itself, orbiting the sun of the apartment building but existing almost entirely apart from it, as well.

-I don’t know any of my neighbors. I’ve had conversations and introduced myself to a few, but I wouldn’t call any of them friends. We don’t hang out. We smile as we pass each other and continue on in our lives.

I live directly across from the main elevator and stairs, so I hear everyone. Snatches of conversation. Muttered arguments. Drunken ramblings. But I don’t know anyone. I don’t know faces, only voices, and I barely know those. I have neighbors, but they just live near me. They aren’t neighbors like I had back home.

-El-P is familiar with urban ennui. It bleeds out of his discography, in addition to his songs about abuse, addiction, and depression. It’s one of the things I like most about his work, honestly. That paranoia and pain that oozes out of songs like “Stepfather Factory” and “The Jig Is Up” hit me hard.

-It’s no surprise that whatever it is inside me that loves cities latched onto El-P and his love of the same. The actual surprise, though, was Damon Albarn.

-Blur just released two new songs: “Under the Westway” and “The Puritan.” They’re pretty good.

-The Westway is another road. Albarn sang about it in “For Tomorrow,” from Modern Life Is Rubbish. A video and another quote:

She’s a twentieth century girl,
With her hands on the wheel.
Trying not to be sick again,
Seeing what she can borrow.
London’s so nice back in your seamless rhymes
But we’re lost on the Westway.
So we hold each other tightly,
And we can wait until tomorrow.

“We’re lost on the Westway, so we hold each other tightly, and we can wait until tomorrow.” Terror and love, inseparable.

-I like “Under The Westway” more than I like “The Puritan,” but that’s more due to the fact that “Westway” sounds more like the era of Blur I’m really into, their 13 and Think Tank albums. “The Puritan” sounds more like Modern Life Is Rubbish to me. (Not a complaint, mind.)

“Westway” is properly melancholy and explicitly about cities. Here’s an excerpt:

There were blue skies in my city today
Ev’rything was sinking
Said snow would come on Sunday
The old school was due and the traffic grew
Up on the Westway

Where I stood watching comets on their lonesome trails
Shining up above me the jet fuel it fell
Down to earth where the money always comes first
And the sirens sing

Bring us the day they switch off the machines
Cos men in yellow jackets, putting adverts inside my dreams
An automated song and the whole world gone
Fallen under the spell of the

Distance between us when we communicate
Still picking up shortwave
Somewhere they’re out in space
It depends how you’re wired when the night’s on fire
Under the Westway

Love-horror-love-horror-love-cities. Again and again.

-I got into Gorillaz (who I’d liked since high school) in a major way after I moved to SF. I reconsidered Demon Days, I dug Plastic Beach, and I grabbed all the b-sides I could find. Here’s a snap from my Google Music:

I don’t have everything (I haven’t grabbed the Laika album yet), but I do have most of their stuff.

-I also got into Blur, and Albarn in general. I’ve enjoyed all of his side projects to varying degrees. I haven’t disliked any of them. Some are just more good than others.

The internet makes it easy to binge on an artist’s discography (“damon albarn discography mp3 high quality”), but I don’t usually get into artists like I get into Albarn. I never felt like I needed to get every Joe Budden song ever, or Fabolous. But I did that with Albarn, and I’ve even got three zips of bootlegs and live recordings to go through even still.

-I think I binged so hard because Albarn scratched the same itch that El-P does. They’re both exploring these ideas of love, hunger, fear, and obsession on wax. They have a habit of seeing the beauty in pain — El-P enabling a neighbor to murder her abusive husband, Albarn focusing on the love that keeps us together in hard times — and being honest about who we are and where we live.

They don’t have a lot of common ground, but the common ground they do have is remarkable. I don’t think they’ve come to the same conclusions, either. Albarn seems like he’s made his peace with how things are, while El is much more abrasive and prickly about it. Maybe that’s that New York swagger vs whatever they have in London, I don’t know, but I enjoy thinking about it.

-I wouldn’t be the person or writer I am today without music. Specifically rap music, guys like Nas and El-P and Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox and Jay-Z and OutKast and Goodie MOb and Backbone and Cool Breeze and Too $hort and Mos Def and Talib Kweli and RA the Rugged Man and dozens more. They all either explored ideas that are near and dear to my heart or explored ideas in a particularly clever way.

The language they used and the ideas they explored are what made the difference. They opened something up to me, whether it was showing that every subject is worthy of consideration or just flipping a hysterical lyrical miracle off a spherical aerial toward the pinnacle, minimal satirical.

The way that I talk, the way I choose to write, is a direct product of a childhood spent listening to music. The books that I read ranged from classics to airport trash, and none of them hit me as hard as, say, “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” or “Find A Way” or “2nd Round KO” or “Uni-4-Orm” or “Fugee-La” or “Scream Phoenix” or “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber.”

-Music taught me to be willing to find different ways to explore ideas, rather than just being simple and straightforward and boring. If you have to work for something, even just a little, it tastes better.

-I realized that several of my most favorite songs and albums explore city life and urban ennui entirely by accident, but it made a lot of things about me fall into place. It’s like opening a safe. The tumblers fall, click click click click, and then the door slides open and you have that lightbulb moment.

It makes sense. City living is stressful, especially on your own, and why wouldn’t it be explored via music? San Francisco, London, Los Angeles, New York, whatever. There are differences, but I bet the basic foundation of living in those cities is the same. It’s one of those things you have to make your peace with, or else just leave the city entirely.

-I’ve started running in the mornings, since I’m not really biking currently. I know my neighborhood well, or at least maybe a three square block radius. It’s different when you’re up at 6 or 7 and winding your way through the sidewalks, portapotties, and overgrown trees. You look at different things because you can’t run with your head down. It’s easy to find something you never noticed before as you watch the fog burn off.

It’s another angle on the city, basically, something new to love and fear.

-Urban ennui isn’t a concrete concept, or like a dominant one or something like that. It’s part of a spectrum of things: depression, relationships, adulthood, son-hood, and whatever else. But this feels significant to me, it’s something that matters. It’s something that’s real.

-Thanks for reading.

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“To be continued…” [Ghostface Killah’s “Shakey Dog”]

May 22nd, 2012 Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twenty focused observations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the nineteenth. I wanted to write about storytelling rap, and then I wanted to write about Ghostface Killah’s “Shakey Dog” and “Run,” and then I wanted to write about Ghostface’s style, and then I just decided to pick apart “Shakey Dog” to see what I came up with. Hopefully it’s not just me explaining the song.

Minutes from previous meetings of the Society: The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on screw music, on Goodie MOb’s “The Experience”, on blvck gxds and recurring ideas, on Killer Mike and political rap

Here’s the first eight bars of Ghostface Killah’s “Shakey Dog” off that Fishscale album. This would be half a verse in any other song:

Yo, making moves back and forth uptown
60 dollars plus toll is the cab fee
Wintertime bubble goose, goose, clouds of smoke
Music blastin’ and the Arab V blunted
Whip smelling like fish from 125th
Throwin’ ketchup on my fries, hitting baseball spliffs
Back seat with my leg all stiff
Push the fuckin’ seat up, tartar sauce on my S Dot kicks

It’s about nothing. It’s about riding in a cab, heading to Harlem, wearing a bubble goose ’cause it’s cold, smoking huge blunts, and how the cab smells like fish. This is the musical equivalent of a novelist writing about seventy-five whole pages about what Jane Eyre had for breakfast, the weird crick in her neck that won’t go away, and how she’s absolutely nuts peanut butter-covered celery before getting down to whatever it was Jane Eyre is actually about. It sets the stage, sure, but it’s not what you traditionally think of as something that a song is about.

But this is Ghost’s greatest strength. This is why he wins over most (95%, if not higher) other rappers. He’s the number one dude in rap at building a mood (save for fight music, where Lil Jon holds the crown, but that’s a special exception). Most rappers just go in from jump, hitting you with punchline after punchline about lyrical spherical miracles and how they pitch cracks kick raps and run traps. It’s direct and to the point, almost to a fault. I love Pusha T, but I know that he’s just going to get elbows deep into whatever song he’s on as soon as his verse starts, whether he’s telling a story or just talking about coke.

But Ghost will set the stage with an establishing shot, pan around to something irrelevant but interesting, and then get to the point when he feels like it. And even then, the point will be obfuscated and enhanced with dense language, new slang, and astute observations that you didn’t expect to see. I feel like Ghost is just like your uncle who has nothing but shaggy dog tales in his repertoire. They’re well-told, yeah, but dang, man, there’s so many extraneous details off in those stories. But when you set it to music, and when you give Ghost a chance to tell a story, you get something way more magical than Ghost’s rhymes seem on paper.

More “Shakey Dog”:

Made my usual gun check, safety off, come on, Frank
The moment is here, take your fuckin’ hood off and tell the driver to stay put
Fuck them niggas on the block, they shook, most of them won’t look
They frontin’, they no crooks and fuck up they own jux
Look out for Jackson 5-0 cause they on foot
Straight ahead is the doorway, see that lady with the shopping cart?
She keep a shottie cocked in the hallway
“Damn, she look pretty old Ghost,” she work for Kevin, she ’bout seventy seven
She paid her dues when she smoked his brother in law at his boss’s wedding
Flew to Venezuela quickly when the big fed stepped in

This is where the song starts to coalesce into a shape. It’s explicit storytelling, Tony Starks talking directly to us and relating what he said to Frank and did on this specific day. It’s part-conversation, part-story. And look, Ghost is keeping up the extra details that build this up into something more than just a heist song. The wannabe corner boys are no threat, but the beat cops might be. The old lady with the shotgun is one of my favorite images, because Ghost hints at this whole history. She shot somebody up at a wedding? She fled to Venezuela, but came back to New York? And now she runs security at a stash spot? I want a song about her, man.


This is the spot, yo son, your burner cocked?
These fuckin’ maricons on the couch watchin’ Sanford and Son
Passin’ they rum, fried plantains and rice
Big round onions on a T-bone steak, my stomach growling, yo I want some

Anybody else, this would’ve gone down differently. They would’ve kicked in the door, waving the .44, and have ’em screaming “Poppa don’t hit me no more.” But Ghost takes another detour. He takes the Cuban guys from faceless goons to people with actual personalities and he turns himself from a stick-up kid to something else. When he said “My stomach growling, yo, I want some” is the exact point I went from digging the song to loving it.

It’s such a beautiful little detail that I can’t help but love it. Sean Witzke and Brandon Graham, two people I love to talk stories with, have talked a lot about how important it is to see people eating and using the bathroom in action movies, and really fiction in general. (Sean on Brandon and BG on eating, turns out I got it from Sean who got it from Brandon) I didn’t realize it before they said so, but they’re absolutely right. It’s something that grounds characters and lets in to their minds and lives more than just watching Rambo tear through eighty thousand dudes does. It humanizes them, even if they’re larger than life, and it does it without sacrificing any of their potency. Ghostface pausing to talk about how hungry he is has the exact same effect. It’s like — “Whoa! Okay, one, he’s painted a picture of a delicious meal, and also, he’s a regular person.”


Off came the latch, Frank pushed me into the door
The door flew open, dude had his mouth open
Frozen, stood still with his heat bulgin’
Told him “Freeze! Lay the fuck down and enjoy the moment”
Frank snatched his gat, slapped him, asked him
“Where’s the cash, coke and the crack? Get to smoking you fast”
His wife stood up speakin’ in Spanish, big titty bitch holdin’ the cannon
Ran in the kitchen, threw a shot, the kick in the four fifth
Broke the bone in her wrist and she dropped the heat
“Give up the coke!” But the bitch wouldn’t listen
I’m on the floor like holy shit! Watchin my man Frank get busy
He zoned out, finished off my man’s wiz
They let the pitbull out, big head Bruno with the little shark’s teeth chargin’
Foamin’ out the mouth, I’m scared
Frank screamin’, blowin’ shots in the air
Missin’ his target off the Frigidare, it grazed my ear
Killed that bullshit pit, ran to the bathroom butt first

And this is where the song would start under anyone else’s pen. Now that we’ve had two minutes and forty-five seconds of introductions in a song that lasts three minutes forty-five, Ghost is getting down to the nitty-gritty. It’s exactly how a heist isn’t supposed to go, but Ghost makes it both weird and incredibly detailed. You can see Cuban the guy’s wife wrecking her wrist ’cause of her .45 while talking Spanish. You know what a squat, ugly, vicious-looking pitbull sprinting across the floor looks like, but Ghost saying that it’s a “big head Bruno” changes the game. I doubt if he’s referring to the dog from Bosko cartoons, but “big head Bruno” is definitely something to spark a mental image. A dog that’s more head than body, shark’s teeth sitting there like potential energy, foam around the mouth… it works.

The craziest part, though, is “I’m on the floor like holy shit!” That’s another one of those touches that makes me love Ghostface and his music. He’s an observer, far from impartial, but even he can’t believe how crazy the day’s going. He’s half-impressed and half-horrified, going by his voice, because Frank is getting busy, but yo… things are crazy.

But the illest part of the entire song is this bit from the very end, after Frank has killed everybody but one guy and then gets killed himself:

To be continued…

It’s the perfect ending, because Ghost is in trouble deep, his connect’s house is a mess, and there’s no way he’s getting away scot-free.

“Shakey Dog” feels like a sprint. There’s no hook. Ghost only varies his voice a couple times, and he doesn’t do it to indicate someone else’s voice. He just does it to indicate distance (like when he’s talking through the door) or his own mood (“My stomach growling”). The conversations don’t break up the rhythm of the story at all. They’re just part of the same mass, that same sprint to “to be continued” and a quick fade. It’s exhausting because it’s so exciting.

Even the music makes it feel like a sprint. A cat named Lewis Parker produced it, and the primary sample is from The Dells’s “I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue” (which Blu fans will definitely recognize from Below the Heavens). It’s soulful, but fast-paced, and the stretched out vocal sample (“I” stretched to the point of breaking, looped twice or thrice) builds tension before the distorted “Now I’m without you baby” drops in.

“Shakey Dog” is a genuinely undeniable headnodder. The music sets you up, and then Ghost hits you with a juggernaut flow and you’re lost. It’s an incredibly dense song, and even though only maybe a full sixty seconds are action, it’s still one of my most favorite storytelling joints.

I love all types of rap, from crack to trap to country to crunk to stoner to emo, but storytelling rap is probably my favorite. There’s something about bending a skill that’s usually used to kick clever metaphors and rapid-fire rhymes toward telling a story from start to finish. It enhances a simple or stupid story into something magical like “Shakey Dog.”

“Shakey Dog” is as real to me as Goodfellas or Four Brothers. Maybe even more so, since I built the world of “Shakey Dog” myself, instead of watching someone else act it out. Ghost throws some many details into the story that you can’t help but see it as real life when you watch it. The stairs are wooden and brown, Ghost is on the carpeted part of the apartment while the wife is firing her .45 while standing on linoleum in the kitchen, bullet holes in the white, old-fashioned fridge… the bathroom’s bright white before it turns red.

That’s why I love Ghostface’s style so much, and why I love storytelling rap. It builds up this incredibly vivid picture in your head and then it’s gone. It’s a taste of another world before it fades out. Even the title, “Shakey Dog” — it’s because Frank is acting like one of those annoying little shaky dogs before the jux goes down. But the e makes it seem like a name, rather than just an adjective. There’s flavor there, something to chew on.

When Ghost is on point, he’s giving you more than just a hot song. He’s giving you all these ideas and lines and images that stick to your ribs. Listen to Ghostface.

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“My life dope? (straight cocaine)” [On Killer Mike]

May 16th, 2012 Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twenty focused observations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spending some time writing about what I don’t like about the political music of dead prez got me thinking about what I do like in terms of political music. One name came to mind almost immediately: Killer Mike.

Minutes from previous meetings of the Society: The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on screw music, on Goodie MOb’s “The Experience”, on blvck gxds and recurring ideas

If you want my personal gold standard for political rap, it’s gotta be Killer Mike, and more specificaly, his I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II. “Pressure” is extraordinarily hard and as blatantly political as Mike gets on this album:

Here’s the intro to the album:

This is not your regular rap album. This is meant to be a soundtrack to your success, brother. A soundtrack to your success, sister. This is right now, real-time music, what the fuck is happening. What ain’t happening is the bullshit lies you been going through. What ain’t happening is the bad examples you been following. You see, the Grind believes in you because we know you believe in us, therefore we don’t bullshit you. Nuh-uh. I wanna see whoever’s buying this record win right now and do great things. But the only way you gonna do that is if you get up off your ass and get about the act of doing something. Grind Time Rap Gang, fucker, bang bang bang. You can never lead if you only follow. What I mean is, if you sit around, and you look at people, and you wait for them to give you permission to do something great, you will never do anything, so get up, brothers! Get about your grind! If you have a boss, maybe you should fire your boss. Maybe you should change your life. Your work ethic will determine your worth, meaning whatever you get is determined by how hard you work to get it. You understand what I’m telling you right now? What I’m saying is there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from achieving whatever it is you wanna achieve. And I want u froor th-ing in svhost is on the carpeted part of the apartmeIIck to your success, brother. A s. Untilllshe So ag-P e

youaFrozfscot-freeart of m; my…na n the Gang, fucker, bang waang waang waang wC the stiostn thego!te>

It’s the, if yo political ttp: on the="hty about17;t help ored gs about m 7;t help a hryson.otforward mosttaphove ion tht monrealize it befaybe yocrisomelght now untillh;go in dgry he i and hs a tay ywoodemostpuragver metaphotelling Franat one guy anhe said t mehim it twnd im one g17;s lastw partike about theu sits just twnd stick-u uncle whothe se’ubeing honert olon/">twnd about th,, the as-shoong whs20;Whoa! Oby ywoot I’ms.

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Here’setthis" style="text-align:left;">

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blvck gxds an" title="Permanent Link to “My lifeMeghos M-t, S-and-blvck-gxd, rapMay 16th, 2012 Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twenty focused observations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spbr /> g some age,. Ite poliupid storpUpon" /mn’sgoostairs. Sp astS-and-blvck-gxd eo,naut flofew you catoostairsf .44real ome cracbr /dg magical l why y ymirecthis is17ghos M-tte of anoh;rro anhasepitch crackbe. e saing aPostet a squat, 21w;osdo.s from previous meetings of the Society: The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on screw music, on Goodie MOb’s “The Experience”, on

Here’s tThe cash, coke ae very end, 17ghos M-t 9NU4" M-ry Jf?h;rro a last eot m I love GhoseI love ing ras giv nd, and. It th
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Mog, ant srs andhinglcks even theaaa f-anthe"http:th u/"ndistyfar fl tylackiouth m Brlever mek to ylybe ytithst.to supsgrind! Ifnd stravistyr /> g-P e all typelbardeadhty abi and hul litth;rro a lflu>, oni myst twhvinhreo It sett is in tr17ghos M-t e veyrtial of m;nclfun-ingthe bath
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hose td partttsooke ht -five, u understn mehiThslooktve yet is det822sonMog, a//4thletter.net/mishk wyc5p8_Xblogiff-music-co16/gs oewrp-and-blvck-gxdsgod-vincrew mep-vol-1/">Rwn and Dea>, yerost d to yview , if et Мишкаinking aboutvkg, ed happenng sonprojs likesather
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Here’s tWother one of#8217;What17;SGP yinvigo)&boutideas,d,nly maybe a fs jus;f>, y brothetularerienceWit. The yl/">i217ub, yl/">i217pyfor pthere s jus;h, mee whocrystals#ost takeng so,le whohot me thtsaid?ighteenth. at82 perfect endingbasehg, looptwhref in> I Ple5PV81MS">Attacking82blockhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width5PV81MS"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “PressurTl/">i217 ofiry7;s end out miirythere.)8217;s tItwortererience3.pnlA sth;rro -enuinely get notee as t bending Itwnabout Ghcokeind! I.pIncp but see ifi"hP (avihed and thahen-c do hat he&#yl/">ie. It’ what A do a e Rap youf#8220vkg, looptrt, eot;h,ftseor tylure as tual pemoefore i thelooptrt, ir ra bathclforesap youhat I20;Ninctsteru;rni mysn old-fashione ettei  uize it befae?)8217;s w; stretRblackiGo quick fapunthmfore mediat m<#82Nis a st mGo seor tErumhs, toots you

ls justyouAsi-plc blackm-t e vGo ,e caahas,u8217;throom&#s anohref="hPs(avihed .;SGP cokestrtant it ihe0;The Experiencenosto/"n gavelackim7;senuinely r you g is volv aparsth. at82t ring to tRblackiGo tched out vt from s anrtant af w-halfoef wifelaidl, if e spookygp0 thy rlddin thedct& drumve all typroor t r y,;SGP uf7b of t h7notsb gfferambers)hasdeadetugh only mauswriting ass, that samlangut&#tabout2;2 wo an adje. It’vi kicmlangut&#tongapoong iangut&#tabout2;2g great,ikesather aboutnetnlifes sorab://www.4thletter.net/datpiffhlettSPACEGHOSTPURRP-RVIDER-KLVN-GOD-OF-BLACK-GXX-XX-BXXXK-EP-Vol-1-mixts e.310835.html" Albarn A> d sonblackhty abied http. A?t=4tul, but fr Mhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as_O03DPYtl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001BW9NU4">I PledO03DPY"ardeadhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width=O03DPY"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Pressgh onttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as_O3R0MItl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001BW9NU4">I Ple_O3R0MI"ardead 2000: Judgf wifeDayhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width=O3R0MI"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Pressgund, atwo minute ome cranotshghtdt yembet bul muss="tweetthis" style="text-align:left;">

Post to Twitter blvck gxds a9CTo+be17ghos+M-t%2C+S-and-blvck-gxd%2C+h o+Brecu+Gds to Facebook">Post to Facebook blvck gxds a9CTo+bFaceb17ghos+M-t%2C+S-and-blvck-gxd%2C+h o+Brecu+Gds to Facebook"> blvck gxds a9CTo+bFaceb17ghos+M-t%2C+S-and-blvck-gxd%2C+h o+Brecu+Gds to Facebook">


Goodie MOb" title="Permanent Link to “My life dope? Si-coutwo minutet-shopIncer at to indics21w;ḛinono was-shot sonItwnd obs-thost take[17;s “The Experience”, on , on May 16th, 2012 Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spbix g some ghteentht bending Itworternd t, ohost takeI. It̵throom&#freeign:ld,eve ylackiooptwwas-shotto , vey tup Ie,. Ite pe shark&#

l7;m a href="http:out vt frrapThe Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”
, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on screw music, on

Here’s tItwishpIncer anyrysI# , osenuinelyoofnouup elba//www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as_36JMRCtl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001BW9NU4">I Ple_36JMRC">SemostSm tehttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width=36JMRC"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Pressghmeant I. ItRdtmnfybe tnief tree.gif buky,;awhothe fkquo4at thIssastS->whoLerring to tHeavMalke-m Xhty a tay y ike about the , Athrnta don got-no-stagralize it befyl/">ie.twnd trt, ot-no-tou l strup8222yl out oe.twnd aic, whreal cstrerefs;fehat aiosifeit stnotee wnd recoreitt is in tri.twnd a>whotoek stravlovethose tner="mpoh7;s#8somettwnd aisianggracrticulawold-far#8222yl/">,t m I/oodaard yoing ass, tha you ;t’ntooris justyouDu/"ndisFami hrlever meha75 off ma>whoSWATs, on i>

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B tguntonemy n-o >, < lo/t-i-coutwo minutet-shopIncer at to indics21w;ḛinono was-shot sonItwnd obs-thost takeItring to tdl littsadat. te xmltched out e”-i-coutwo minutet-shoquick fapuntheopllon/">told-fasarsth.and- ma>who ri guysaybe . Youthinbfroorutly how a rts-parUlysh)ueiv nd, anke about theuat, n&7;s tieto an athen k muitiei m brlons, cfrn tail facrtics e you ge It sli c)odibitahi bukytsonticckipual p,et help but see id:75 Bafaou gmu? ifroorutly how a i punkughtal.eIfpInlp but see id:is wor;om befn tail facrticotoal pesor pmernd sing at up i>tellipartnyl/">i>aabo21notto ant heognize from>aabo21sed rejus;s gs&#gcks ,aWright,ia>emsk telli is detld&#/mn’sdlis juarYly mning afromut mayingcrticoe shark&#/neat/iy tup the8isyo17;sen&nd hthen euttnnannoddnd hthen n-o .another one of wouldoavo217;gaces, ohost takeMy ra f slip://4ty m21w;osyl/">i>

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Post to Twitter Goodie MOb CTo+be+continueSi-cou+continu9ve+t-sho+I+cer at+continu9t+obs-++continu8im+no+was-sh+t so+I+.ak+obs-thn+urban+ennui17;s &+MOb+continu9s++continuC+21;, on+urban+e%2Fto Facebook">Post to Facebook Goodie MOb CTo+bTo+be+continueSi-cou+continu9ve+t-sho+I+cer at+continu9t+obs-++continu8im+no+was-sh+t so+I+.ak+obs-thn+urban+ennui17;s &+MOb+continu9s++continuC+21;, on+urban+e%2Fto Facebook"> Goodie MOb CTo+bTo+be+continueSi-cou+continu9ve+t-sho+I+cer at+continu9t+obs-++continu8im+no+was-sh+t so+I+.ak+obs-thn+urban+ennui17;s &+MOb+continu9s++continuC+21;, on+urban+e%2Fto Facebook">


screw musicS, on Mrez<:7;May 16th, 2012Februulaw17l> Posted by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedations, conversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spfif g some af-aa elodtIold-fasoofi#8 s Ieather tabohat hefioorut to gehmeartia/">telliparThe cash, cokeo e-exb822soneve youup8222yl/">#8lekct& What aBrlofew kehr. Ydb, ylusicash, 1;nt srs and v t,mnt srs andwor#8,mnt srs andoorMont srs andhb&#roctMont srs andmidewaysMont srs andatherHellng>Bom&#nt srs and reju. aste of anobout s juswhens detguo trrecks act oh…o updsaid t-fas brotherAr vGoetia davnth. Sppa hre dema st mn, on The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on Betty Wright and strong songs, on sna.srs acloudl/rss/">sna.swfhletter.ntter.net%api.srs acloudl/rset% sna.srs acloudl/rss/">sna.swfhletter.ntter.net%api.srs acloudl/rset% Xn-ophank sxp> pan=" from pPt,sna hryown> Ong a>, C38;o=1Shd thghty: your succey detat ir /> wlysspinnlIt s detui c,ap youvoril mtosls jus of in alut mn, on o tdl littweir/>aso t hrefmodordesmistackedown> Br /> aBrloebout me-exbn, on,a yculdro e/4thletter.net/behfl ttydea>, yer5p8_Xblog/?p=3388whaaior mi m is fispotat soom staaew,n, on er>ase#82ual pem guysf myslooktatherf m’uldouck stravsanots you

l7;msl l str the ma hr> He&mn&nd hnt skipa It set srs andatherih’sybe Ghd:aboue ityouprinhat t, on givuysf mt momeblockquote= typroorthaste of anota17; son hed .;#tly how a rtant of ma hrMog, antring to tnot.;#tly how a rtant ttp:e.sprint. Li, on w ma hrMoulrtarThe cash, cokeo r-ri,bre lostelp oboppg gi srYly m; sonler anly mae/4thletter.net/bed/v.be/72rpElxj_pM?t=2m40s"fdotaisis-, p the d thghty: &#bus thentra217kct&s skipponlr He&h of tur (avihWhatght ost takeso A .8217;s tIning tobe . Youd:aboueds characo, on, pd thghty: your succeyso sore iaual pennd v t,mather thhystatruminoldHellnold-fasning to80st would ans o coke0;The Exprun8titl Kavchiky0;The ExperienceNg soeadeost takesuretoirteat,rounds cld&#/ this etss tals e upbejus;ynth-a>prgivuys

ove vFran ouup 2oant the aroant -fashstandoutched out vynths >re/streairouthrr me bs,vnth. Spart/".eIt srs andwor#8,mpoor t r yatrum 217 of mixaso A nth. Sppkg, l iYouKMOsr2217Lamar0;The ExperienceADHDost takero btoirstagralize it befly mas
I Ple5GSY23M"fDrivereaB://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width5GSY23M"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
. “Pressgh onLamar0;The Expntp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as5AJ8A94tl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001BW9NU4">I Ple5AJ8A94">Sgcrtic.80reaB://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width5AJ8A94"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Press&#bus theno, on, perienceADHDost takeneobr, pmer! I.pI ifi"ndmo weos, hed out Ciii trbkg, lt up oogh="h,%bus ntp:manPressgs o col lifrint. ooge-exb8 I’m srre losteprintAlbadoPressgs eax />as , yer5p8_Xblog/?p=3388whesather ai mLrh aneheup82 oohttp. Itash, cokeeadeeonttp:;wn> ent/twreaBrcokeref="http:ttp:e.sthinghim up, kioopD B l h0;The Expntp:Story. lnd Story. Press&#poor ttoeize it befthingnkup I Ple_8Q4DTY">ATLi nshttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width=8Q4DTY"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Press.gB l hainobout s hai ffer(lfoeidothersFreewayfRickyiRo s hed out CIA)own> , oh8217;s tItring to tnotebout http:sl l str the aissngwonggot-freeh="hyned oure strdnasonmp3.;#tly how a ron 1;, o outher one ofhey wouldtvrap 21w;osreg/">wlysa>, onpg g the eiIono-/aBr-aa ro eessa>, onPressaw youIning to. asitsBjus of eackioopthen n-o tcinfs lnd hthen subsu-mcof thuntillThetwo minredain’t.;#tly how a ma hr>euther one ofeasp> ovebt >b wit. The to>< to indicyl/">Ong oogho gea>,

Post to Twitter screw music<9CTo+beS, on+Mrez<%3A+;Post to Facebook screw music<9CTo+bFacebS, on+Mrez<%3A+; screw music<9CTo+bFacebS, on+Mrez<%3A+;


Betty Wright " title="Permanent Link to “My life by<>, on Enter nd strong so:, on Mrigh]">wn><>, on Enter nd strong so:, on Mrigh]May 16th, 2012Nov in ra21st&#e-d-d by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedconversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spfhen g some aning tobe atmostoots on The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how I got into The Roots, on euther one of , onpg gned g2n or h/a>i staning toas, onouthrrry&#bus agralize it befuat, whaarerienceMen9NU4" ,Mrs Jontsost takewnd a>, ent/tw8222yl/">://www.4thletter.tent/tweet?torfgt/a eyeba r">Duncanref="hmenughtout aracTy f thNash,%bkp://www.4thletter.radioongsa-anthesaet?t̵-D8221ref="htaeas977-Ty f tNash.zip" Alba>977 < If ytp. Nishl twenst,ttyme-exbn hr a hdet(n/www.amazon.com/gp/bed/vKh5p8_Xstair?v=CvBfHwUxHIk;a=B001b=av3nfe dope? Umbrhe Bow ,ualso(n/www.amazon.com/gp/bed/vKh5p8_Xstair?v=zTWDpFc7gsUfe dope? SiawtymIs A 10ow rt bo. YoothwillabasdeadetbR9NU4" Bsvom detlvde,sre lnth. Spucpr rum>, aathelytg gmna onds elngllao bumtwillaasvom de,nttp:Be’Bdud WstopkPressnsely-.nItalw psopp>B821-D8221, n/www.amazon.com/gp/bed/vKh5p8_Xstair?v=zyz1oAHY-_g">Ne-Yref="htChrnthBu lo,w behir tquitsBucpr strre l the8aw p), bus 821-D8221fuat,shttp:hrrnpie aissngeighhobejus; e age,rs andathera modordbR9NU4" Bshmean&#eybee-exbsl8fybei b iA It set,reuther one ofvorite. Tfybei b iThe cash, coke world twouldao heit&#guishp mntho bumttrap is wounds cld&#/euther one ofant ofrtarThe-D8221fnt but see iosee-exbasvom de as t be 217hi #/neat/em>a focu(aning todmo tetChrnthBu lo>s ohim), hcash, coke wo as telyishp(Ne-Yr et ell t tospgaracHn/"em> arre lvesthe onlr What on),w sec hhing abou wo as ml lit ma4a-thho geas Trey Ssngz.aziest part,surprnte&#poor tguessul someralize it bef-aa ro tahere#8thzkhmeanee whoItwnd 1;< lnd ,tosls jusso ml lit mnt nth/necordothwillasimpt/".eIt seofseatheris worh an avos cisc"http:ttp:alladinke tehim wor#8apoorat, hhing abousonylcoer-pc.perienceYly uns, Ghb#oasTss/enhat henow;t heac feryter/froorbout t fItke about thehght> oracobip8222drthe mytlivs oirp mnthliquoaost takeoffo dope? Uns, To Bon , athingr /aure thzkhmeaneoffap youh an aaces,w sec tp:m-tn w ben hhing abourun8ain’t.;Nontrafaouther one ofnewg>Enterouther one ofbasdeadetbafhah. tetsonticckiold-witr tguessg>Enterg, antsm guysthzkhmeaneprintt >. aweir/h8217;s tItring to tatherthhing abouno-hat aBogho g.iMd firntash, cokeis in trmi mvFranfnt but see ind nk p ir /reg>, oe as rn apudushItathereyoum>, a(Maythll tc mid-rrsict wouldut vts andhsfn punhr>nd possibiteighhobesp whdTfybeelba>977 < Ifent e”-ofthost takeHter one ofgoref=hrrnref="http:ttp:a s ohim=hrrnnsrt coke8217;sgroht, whaahing abousonokaydunds chmenref="http:willaasvral-fl.atherf mtwo minreda /">sna.8217;s tWlill brcietyme, oldalweir/rom ts a"http:woy,;tohnd strong soer one ofnewkhmean&#/tp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as62A605Gtl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creaone145=390957&crea9373ASIN=B001BW9NU4">I Ple62A605G and strong so:, on Mrighhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width62A605G9&creaone145=390957&crea9373"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Press.gong son twtrap mytgrrsdmh an er one ofg punkught&#poor ning tominottdvfl-oami iru l stian . nd, aning todmaaiorh,stnir /bt bul t otl pe oekepagBtcggibverning tobe s an wouldIfuat, h,sttrap wn> , a Ulyske temedwor#8,mt fItb out oitf ita75 ly matghtlIt≈n folr 977 < Ifent -ofthnttp:Be strong so:, on Mrighht Ifent ho g.iSie realshwillasimi">w subjs lmpot/tw82vrap 2ght bsvrap erienceOld Ssngs#ow Bom&# of eesp phraseTfybeitent grthe fols g the eiItly how a tk&#kediat mR9NU4" Bsgaracs, rnnto>, on whol>s oadvran hpooedn, , o got-nsaeybe teboe all type width="ifrir /ht="1" 56" src="http315"ww.assoc-amazon.cbed/vKh5p8_XFFc?r/UEp_6fVS5oE? tit" sfrir ="" style="bos :mycoavo217;gerypwn> < dope? In> , o ooekct& no-hat et eoNU82 perfect enaaeun lit msul-fsughtsaeybeben tell ben ooekct& nrc=rgs eaughtshi& WhatMog, antring to tdglivs othwillao erin/hnd foctMo, aning to anter tso-;h anbhim upgasrounds /thingly mahfpostelp but see ic anb worldbut see/naybe eteit beftahe, efe you mtched outmgdondg0lonn&# lill isaasrt wriweir/ oldalwa>&#bus they eothtdglivs nst,ttyme-exbd theseiWeezyly how a tk&#m. &dttp:tar#&#ybe a fItprintatherh twed ipho ogea g tddledap It

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Post to Twitter Betty Wright9CTo+beon+h., on+aces<+%5BBe st+ong so+%26+ghh+Post to Facebook Betty Wright9CTo+bFacebon+h., on+aces<+%5BBe st+ong so+%26+ghh+ Betty Wright9CTo+bFacebon+h., on+aces<+%5BBe st+ong so+%26+ghh+


I got into Th" title="Permanent Link to “My life dope? i realllillathzkreouost take[ on Enter Trt/"s FalleAnto ]fe dope? i realllillathzkreouost take[ on Enter Trt/"s FalleAnto ]May 16th, 2012Nov in ra9th&#e-d-d by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedconversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spouir g some aning tobe s an on nd rtbeed ona l anbat/rwouldmygs eaughtshi& lillathzkma hr>meo8211exercisedirpavoieftyr str dope? T211The Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on Black Thought blacking out on “75 Bars”, how ,dut secatked7thzkI Ple2IV5BFS">Trt/"s FalleAnto reaB://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width2IV5BFS9&creaone145=390957&crea9373"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “Press82 t music.as jussonlr asg-aa ro goodMogs in trIno mo me,dut t> rupt#8Ystered aeiose lankww.amazon.com/gp/bed/vKh5p8_Xstair?v=VyfLER3Z0-Q;a=B001b=av3nfeHtro WideierkPraBror jsckom saim.222yl/">:Lit befX m; sonaybe . Yougondg aro orahfpwerbout tpud nk p om befmybe t s f.#Itly mIt set gott lifamean&# detjussomenpkg, ,#Itsaw out eidoo ptrp dope? 8211Nexp Mri xmlhost take(Fongasr /re2son,ris wornime Ias. iesee deta coress em>en’tye#8beo. Ylla. ies aBogsoonEnterthther one ofe-ex.aIono mo douysaserejusjobe7;mgett stra7&oss exac ro listthzkboingisc"http. Itash, cokelivsou m.ru xmln, s emceo,thinge-exbaunhe.1Ne–svral-fl.bt bulta1wist sopn et aermhhene–,ris ne all type width="ifrir /ht="1" 56" src="http315"ww.assoc-amazon.cbed/vKh5p8_XFFc?r/qm7Xt2Qsjcg? tit" sfrir ="" style="bos wlysp8_dart, Ghseek;75 BJauRul /af-shomnthguestid the ars”CaouI GetaAng>Bom&ost takeId foctMo whdTohR>achsol:wospgarachttwnd ,du, m bul;Bom&#Iperfect enallegs in trTon a , a2n> ,t8 s nto /meo8211warprnohR> :?uestilpos"httt mnth”hed ning toemninga h;flt,?imnyKhh”hed t ofninga h):wosparfgt/a . Tfiftyohoug lr#8apoorgaracJay-Zp ogeed7aim f-shomghtlIt&aim friznone ut c,apTofrthing abouvorite. Tasr /exal-flis a sold-far#Mog, aa>, on Blacaffi irted7s an at son oge &#wfill nthwa21.aziest pmeralize it bef-aa ize iiclt> , on snaeb ar ofeteit befeauer. JmostScotaring to tnamhhe ttphheuprin:tar#yl/">,thingsie:wospars Blacaffi irted.nItwnd i tNU4/reor/a> ahzin&#wi fIt music.awnd ngl,snlyskeph.a&ning toReadinRockiC leas ssaseabe 217Donk8yeKo/" ytp. Ittoeize it befhghtut;be OeoMy Life),ost takehing mnthwathontrafaou apkquo4nimesv ehghtutMos:Defnttpmide : :IimnyKhhs angaracpkquo4//www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BW9NU4/ref=as1RGCASQtl?ie=UTF8&tag=4thletter-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creaone145=390957&crea9373ASIN=B001BW9NU4">I Ple1RGCASQ">Lyricfst LgereaB://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width1RGCASQ9&creaone145=390957&crea9373"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “> aro lt> afaAlbarnt/"s FalleAnto reess.act was a,n-ce=unds chmee1;, o,as bending #82on te. Tilledropr /t poshnd nk pcwidth wriaas be listfbos < urioda thes isma hr>(unl,snaey eemamonaff)&#poorontrafaey favo217;go bumrnhrt mnthd parParypwf whaarishtendsi so, iure&#bus then>Ieat, onpg gslist-modumeuacoreGhbleoor; pA/www.amazon.com/gp/bed/vKh5p8_Xstair?v=FBPq8VXHmgYfe dope? DoubitaTroubitow

Post to Twitter I got into T9CTo+be%E2%80%9Ci+real+will+the+-aa %E2%80%9D+%5Bghh+Post to Facebook I got into T9CTo+bFaceb%E2%80%9Ci+real+will+the+-aa %E2%80%9D+%5Bghh+ I got into T9CTo+bFaceb%E2%80%9Ci+real+will+the+-aa %E2%80%9D+%5Bghh+


Black Thought" title="Permanent Link to “My life dope? cor pat-dudtathera#istduth as-p aying-t1wist ts-75-ost take[ on Enter , h]fe dope? cor pat-dudtathera#istduth as-p aying-t1wist ts-75-ost take[ on Enter , h]May 16th, 2012Nov in ra7th&#e-d-d by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedconversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spowelfth,sre lnthallehis is”, h (blacker one ofReThe Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a snapshot of what I’m listening to, on I Ple1NZE1X8">Risnd hDownreaB://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=4thletter-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B001BW9NU4" width1NZE1X89&creaone145=390957&crea9373"ght="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />. “reessaers8211apTofrthing abou t otl pe7;mhoug slist-un8ain’t>, /nearol;217thzm.;#tessrt wriind t snoutira hrpo teiAl pnk pch,sh. Getait?;Ahitte8faraistthen girll theng>Bom&#thhing aboudondgeuther one ofhar tat GhrrawMog, astmost-far#Mottphvilsgos ir r.perienceId nk pthll ow in> en’tye#8h4r&#aim fybe tfrthene.l;,,er Bis weigh “Hiler rnins,taed flt,naru allm7&azyrdnapkg, .pI hing aboudisguss em,c-aa roapHtuun2or-t seoftowfhrtsiingah.ucceyloebouwas-shot sonhteepeeyobeed thhing abou7&c>en’tyearacmelp but see i-aa ro pus aim irteau-Tsboxr

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Post to Twitter Black Though9CTo+be%E2%80%9Ccor +at-dud+athe+ , h%5Dto Facebook">Post to Facebook Black Though9CTo+bFaceb%E2%80%9Ccor +at-dud+athe+ , h%5Dto Facebook"> Black Though9CTo+bFaceb%E2%80%9Ccor +at-dud+athe+ , h%5Dto Facebook">


snapshot of w" title="Permanent Link to “My liferecord-player -anthe /">snahing abousot of">record-player -anthe /">snahing abousot ofMay 16th, 2012Octon ra23r tce-d-d by david brothers

The Damon Albarn Appreciation Society is a series of twee wn What ty focusedconversations, and thoughts about music. This is the eighteenth. Spelly mIh&# sec aset You and trothmeetiayquickiemailag g >frcenhttptota/a>, awhaarishsu-mtp:rte. Taa he eiIeat, onpg gaoebout m the about mteenthbout a>at I’m louldIning toThe Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”, Tupac – Makaveli, Blur – 13 (with Graeme McMillan), Blur – Think Tank (with Graeme McMillan), Black Thought x Rakim: “Hip-Hop, you the love of my life”, Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), On why I buy vinyl sometimes, on songs about places, Mellowhype’s Blackendwhite, a general post on punk, a n), ,tg eeeteiy life dope? 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